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HIMYM may have made a mistake.

Im a little confused about the new ep. Ted says his dream is to contribute to the New York sky scrapers, but didn't he do that in season 2 when he designed the building that was better then his old bosses building witch looks like male genatalia. I tried re-watching the ep but there don't seem 2 b any working links for me so any info on this would be appreciated.


yeah, the episode is not called Jeremy's sock its called : Not a Father's Day

Stella!! Wow!! Season 4 Episode 4

So, I just finished watching the most recent episode of How I Met Your Mother and I'm eager to see what others thought. So far this season I have been a little underwhelmed by recent episodes. The newer episodes just didn't have as many clever who-is-the-mother mysteries or plot throw backs. But, this episode reminded me why I love this show!! Especially the last few minutes with the toast in the bar shown a year into the future. Ted is not wearing a wedding ring, Barney and Robin are sitting curiously close, they still have the old apartment..etc. I love how much thought goes into making this show!