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The story of a group of elite con artists, who each week pull off a complicated scam with several twists. Mickey is the group's leader, who comes up with the plans. Albert is a veteran con man who in his later years is a "roper," searching out suitable victims and introducing them to his cohorts. Ash comes up with all the locations and equipment needed for the cons. Stacie steps in whenever she needs to use her feminine wiles. The group is rounded off by Danny, a young amateur grifter who Mickey takes under his wing.

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Shows where everybody is up to something, trying to trick people.
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Can't find without paying
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Stuff I am interested in seeing
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Seriously entertaining
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Shows that I've already watched all the way through but plan to re-watch at some point.
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My favourite shows aired in my own country.
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I've seen it all, man.
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These are shows that I have either rewatched so many times I've lost count, or ones that I would happily take with me to a desert island (with a tv in tow of course!)