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Trackbuzzer Presents Jay Uno -Y Would not I

JAY] UNO - a solo hip-hop artist hailing out of Brooklyn known for his street influenced. This Independent artist common love for music helped form music that people could related to cause it's reality not fiction like most artists. JayUno is on a journey to become the premiere influence within music. Those who have their ears to the streets, radio mix shows, and mixtapes get ready cause this boy is grinding.Mr Uno who shot a hot video called I'm A Hustler got the streets buzzing like who's uno just like his website Whosuno.com. Alongside Red Cafe Shakedown the label that Jayuno is associated with he is signed to a independent label Yes Boyz Ent. Jango.com recently named Jayuno top fifteen for internet airplay. JayUno has been climbing the chart on jango.com where he signed a contract for sync licensing which is sublicensable right to use, edit, synchronize, copy and broadcast to all media including but not limited to TV, Film & Advertising entities. JayUno most recent projects "Who's Uno ?" got the people wanting more ever since I'm A Hustler with his vivid story telling that ranges from estranged relationships, feel-good vibes to triumphant glory mode; and beyond. Uno is always reaching new sonic heights. Uno does his thing creating commercial mainstream hip hopÕs with immediate hooks he wouldn't be top fifteen for nothing but yet amazingly JayUno continues to create excitement with eager fans and music lovers on a global scale. For more information see