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USA Announces Summer Finale Dates

We may only be in mid-July, but it's never too early to plan ahead in the world of TV. USA has revealed the dates in which seven of their nine original shows will be completing their summer runs, stretching from August 7th to September 14th and staying out of the way of the always chaotic last couple of weeks in September. In Plain Sight  will be signing off on August 7th at 10:00, ending its fourth season. The show has been picked up for season 5 already, so if you're a fan, you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer run of episodes with no worries. Two days later on August 9th,  White Collar  and  Covert Affairs  will be finishing their summer episodes. Fellow perennial favorite  Royal Pains  will be heading heading on vacation only a few days before Labor Day, as the first half of season 3 will wrap up on August 31st at 10:00. Read More... //

IN PLAIN SIGHT “Girls, Interrupted” Season 4 Episode 10

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of  IN PLAIN SIGHT  "Girls, Interrupted" Season 4 Episode 10 which airs tonight Sunday July 17 at 10/9C. Episode Synopsis:  IN PLAIN SIGHT  IN PLAIN SIGHT "Girls, Interrupted" Season 4 Episode 10 – When Mary’s WITSEC mandated road trip  turns into an introspective odyssey, Marshall and Stan are left to deal with a rockstar witness and her overbearing mother. Read More... //

In Plain Sight Sneak Preview: When a Witness Goes Viral...

Adoption? Mary considered that option this week on In Plain Sight . Looking ahead to July 17, meanwhile, fans can expect this pregnant agent to go off on a WITSEC-mandated road trip. While she's away, Stan and Marshall won't play too well for their latest witness. She's a rock star and, as this trailer for "Girls, Interrupted" teases, she's about to go viral: //

IN PLAIN SIGHT “The Rolling Stones” Season 4 Episode 9 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode  of  IN PLAIN SIGHT  "The Rolling Stones" Season 4 Episode 9 which airs tonight Sunday July 10th at 10/9C. Episode  Synopsis :  IN PLAIN SIGHT  IN PLAIN SIGHT "The Rolling Stones" Season 4 Episode 9 – Mary gets a WITSEC two-fer, when a witness is forced to enter the program after being mistaken for his "evil" twin brother. Not only must she protect the pair from their enemies, but also from each other. Read More... //

IN PLAIN SIGHT “Kumar vs. Kumar” Season 4 Episode 8 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of IN PLAIN SIGHT  "Kumar vs. Kumar" Season 4 Episode 8 which airs tonight Sunday June 26 at 10/9C. Episode Synopsis:  IN PLAIN SIGHT  IN PLAIN SIGHT "Kumar vs. Kumar" Season 4 Episode 8 – Mary plays marriage counselor in order to mediate a WITSEC divorce . Not only must  she reconcile a stubborn witness, but also thousands of years of Hindu tradition, in order to save the case and keep a family out of danger. Read More... //

In Plain Sight Episode Preview: "Kumar vs. Kumar"

Mary Shannon is pregnant. It's safe to assume this fact will play a role in every In Plain Sight episode for the rest of the season, as proven on the previous installment and as teased below. After all, based on her condition, will Mary react differently to an abusive parent she's assigned to protect? That's the challenge ahead on "Kumar vs. Kumar." //

In Plain Sight Episode Trailer: We're Having a Baby!

Mary received huge news on the latest episode of In Plain Sight , but it's Marshall's reaction in the following preview that has us smiling. On this Sunday's "I'm a Liver, Not a Fighter," the partners will deal with the fact that one of them is expecting, while also focusing on a terminally ill father who wants to reconcile with his kids. Will it really be the most intense installment yet? That's what the USA narrator promises here: //

Mary McCormack Puts Her Pregnancy In Plain Sight

U.S. marshal Mary Shannon is going to be a mom? That's a scary thought. On this week's episode of In Plain Sight (Sunday, 10/9c, USA), while dealing with a naive Amish witness, the Witness Protection Program agent discovers a recent sexual encounter has left her pregnant. "Her reaction to the news is not good," Mary McCormack says of her grumpy workaholic character. "She never planned to be a mother, so her reaction is shock, denial, avoiding telling her mom and sister — and weighing all her options"... //

In Plain Sight Promo: The Episode You Cannot Miss...

Simply put, this Sunday marks the In Plain Sight episode that you cannot miss. It's not due to the witty, pun-laden title of the installment ("Something A-mish"), nor to the unusual circumstances of Marshall and Mary helping an Amish person adjust to life as a witness. Instead, it's due to a certain piece of shocking news delivered to Mary. With delivered , as this preview teases, being the operative word... //

'In Plain Sight' Actress Nichole Hiltz Arrested on Suspicion of Child Neglect

It's been reported that Nichole Hiltz was arrested on suspicion of child neglect and her child was taken into protective custody. According to TMZ, police initially responded to a call about a disturbance in Hiltz's apartment. Once they looked into the situation, the officers made the decision to arrest the 32-year-old actress and place her child into protective custody. Hiltz was taken to a nearby station where she was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor child neglect. She has since been released from custody. //