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USA network shakes up schedule under new strategy

Cable television's top-rated network, USA, is shaking things up a bit. Starting this week, USA will no longer air any of its original dramas on Friday nights but will start putting new shows at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday and Wednesday, nights that had previously been reserved for reruns of network shows like "NCIS." The season premiere of "White Collar" on Tuesday starts the new schedule. "Psych" will start on Wednesdays on Jan. 27. USA will be trading away a signature Friday night where shows like "Monk" thrived for several years, in favor of two nights when more people generally are watching television. "We decided it was time to take some risks," said Bonnie Hammer, the network's chief executive. "Being complacent was never going to teach us anything." Hammer said she has a 16-year-old son who has asked her mom why "White Collar" was on Friday nights, saying his friends would otherwise watch the show. Instead, they're out. Or, like many adults, they're catching up on what was recorded that week on DVR. USA also programs original shows on Sundays, where "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "In Plain Sight" are most likely to land. The popular WWE professional wrestling airs on Mondays, and the original show "Burn Notice" will stay on Thursdays, with new episodes beginning this week.

In Plain Sight Latest Episode: Season 2 Episode 15 - 'Don't Cry for Me, Albuquerque' (Season Finale)

The U.S. government enlists WITSEC to hide one of Latin America's feistiest political activists, but everything goes south when the budding Evita moves to the bad part of town. Watch & Discuss: Watch In Plain Sight Season 2 Episode 15 - 'Don't Cry for Me, Albuquerque' (Season Finale)

USA Renews "In Plain Sight" for Season 3 - Featured

USA Network has ordered a third season of " In Plain Sight ," which stars Mary McCormack as a U.S. marshal for the witness protection program. Additionally, the cable network is finalizing a deal to renew the show's companion on Sunday nights, " Law & Order: Criminal Intent ." That, combined with last week's orders for the red-hot Thursday duo of " Burn Notice " and " Royal Pains ," means that USA has picked up all of its series that were up for renewal. It's an impossible feat for a broadcast network and very rare for a cable network, but USA is completely dominating the cable ratings with big help from its slate of six original series: the newly picked-up quartet and the hits " Monk " and " Psych ." "In Plain Sight" has been picked up for 16 episodes, the same order the network recently gave to "Burn Notice" and "Royal Pains." The network hasn't decided yet whether "Sight," which is darker than most USA fare, will continue to be partnered with "Criminal Intent." It might also move from 10 p.m. to 9 p.m. to launch a new series the way the third season of "Burn" was used to launch breakout hit "Pains." After launching in summer 2008 as the year's top new cable series, the second season of "Sight" premiered during the regular broadcast season, airing in the run-up to and during the competitive May sweep. That was a tall order for a young show, but "Sight" passed the test with flying colors, averaging almost 5 million viewers. The second season is set to wrap August 16. Next for the network is this week's season premiere of the Friday bumbling-detective block of departing veteran "Monk" and "Psych," and the October launch of new light drama "White Collar." But even with the solid performance of all of its series so far this year, USA said it still plans to order one or two more pilots by the end of the year, in addition to the recently greenlighted spy drama "Cover Affairs" starring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham. Source: Yahoo News - USA Renews "In Plain Sight" for Season 3

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Watch Now Online: Last Night's New Entourage, True Blood and More! - Featured

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'In Plain Sight' Special Episode this Sunday on USA Network - Featured

In it's second season on USA Network , In Plain Sight continues to win over critics and fans alike with it's unique blend of action, comedy and drama. This Sunday's special episode, "A Frond In Need" may prove to be US Marshal Mary Shannon's deadliest case yet. What if the person Mary was sworn to protect was really a killer? Will she find out the truth before it's too late? Whatever happens, she'll need all her skill and a little bit of luck, too! Adding to the excitement of this electrifying episode is a guest appearance by Laura Prepon from That 70's Show! Click here for a preview: Preview In Plain Sight "A Frond In Need" Click here to watch a full scene from the special episode: Scene from In Plain Sight - "A Frond in Need" Tune in for a special episode of In Plain Sight , this Sunday June 14th at 10/9c on USA Network ! Related Stories: In Plain Sight Q&A with Fred Weller Cristian de la Fuente Dishes on In Plain Sight

Take a first look at IN PLAIN SIGHT Season 2 episode 8 "A Frond In Need"

When a series of murders seem to follow a new ex-con witness, including stabbing Mary's friend, she and Marshall have to figure out if he's the killer in time to save his next victim. Airing this Sunday June 7 at 10pm on USA Network . Source & Pics

Mary McCormack on Ellen

I watched this a few weeks back and Mary McCormack is hilarious. Im not a big Ellen fan, but would watch more if all her segments were this funny. Mary on Ellen

In Plain Sight Q&A with Fred Weller - Featured

In Plain Sight has gotten off to a great start for its second season, but there are a whole bunch of questions about what will develop this season, and we asked them! SideReel joined in a Q&A with In Plain Sight's Marshall Mann, Fred Weller, so see what he had to say about what's coming up this season and plenty more, so dig on in. In Plain Sight Q&A with Fred Weller Transcript courtesy of New Media Strategies