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In Plain Sight Season Premiere Review: Everything's Changing

In Plain Sight is back for its fourth season and I've missed the straight talk, the sarcasm, and the quick wit of these characters over the long hiatus. Mary Shannon claims she's adept at change. Ha! As "The Art of the Steal" has everyone around Mary changing, she's fighting it tooth and nail. Faber's gone despite their romantic sunset vacation last season. Apparently thanks to Mary's encouragement he decided to give it another go with his ex. This leads Marshall to point out that Mary prefers a known situation even if it is deeply flawed rather than subject herself to something new that has a better shot at working out. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/05/in-plain-sight-review-the-art-of-the-steal/

IN PLAIN SIGHT “The Art of the Steal” Season 4 Premiere - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of  IN PLAIN SIGHT  "The Art of the Steal" Season  4 Premiere airing this Sunday May 1st at 10pm on USA. Episode Synopsis:  IN PLAIN SIGHT "The Art of the Steal" Season 4 Premiere – Mary uses a thief to catch a thief when she asks a witness to consult on a crime in order to exonerate Brandi of grand theft auto . Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/05/01/in-plain-sight-the-art-of-the-steal-season-4-premiere/