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Battle of the Mid-Mid Season Shows: Which Will Get the Axe First? - Featured

TV Land is different these days. There's not just one midseason (where new shows are launched around January or February), but two, where a second wave of new shows are launched in March and April. Near the beginning of March we saw the premiere of NBC's reality-themed food show, Chopping Block , as well as new cop dramedy Castle (starring the always adorable Nathan Fillion). Just last week, we saw the debut of new sitcoms Party Down (on Starz) and Better Off Ted (on ABC) and new drama Kings on NBC. Tonight is the launch of another new ABC sitcom, In the Motherhood and in the coming weeks we'll be seeing the premieres of: Cupid - March 31st on ABC (ABC now has the first 10 minutes available for preview) Surviving Suburbia - April 6th on ABC The Unusuals - April 8th on ABC Southland - April 9th on NBC Parks & Recreation - April 9th on NBC Harper's Island - April 19th on CBS Sit Down, Shut Up - April 19th on FOX Of the shows that have already premiered, Castle 's been doing alright in the ratings, but Chopping Block , Better Off Ted and Kings have been getting crushed. Thus, of the mid-mid season shows, which one do you think will get the axe first? One of the shows that has already premiered? One of the upcoming premieres (does anybody really care about Surviving Suburbia )? Discuss! Update: And the winner is...Chopping Block! ( Source ) So now we're going for 2nd place...