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Thursday Night TV: What Will You Be Watching? - Featured

Tonight is officially the first night of the new TV season that I am finding myself overwhelmed. I counted 'em up, and there's an embarrassing 5.5 hours of TV that I intend on watching tonight. This includes: From the NBC comedy lineup - the season premieres of Parks & Recreation and The Office and the series premiere of Community . The Season 2 Fringe premiere on Fox. Vampire Diaries on The CW . And from cable: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX and Project Runway / Models of the Runway (why I haven't been able to part with this nonsense is a mystery) on Lifetime Television . Yikes! And...soon enough I'll also have the entire ABC Thursday lineup ( FlashForward , Grey's Anatomy and *gulp*... Private Practice ) to get through... and 30 Rock on NBC come October (I'm boycotting SNL Weekend Update Thursday for now to save a 1/2 hour) . That will bring my eventual Thursday Night TV Tally up to a shameful 9 hours! There's also the stuff I'm not watching, which includes some perfectly respectable and entertaining TV: Bones (premiering tonight on FOX), Supernatural , Survivor: Samoa (premieres tonight on CBS)...and as of next week, CSI and The Mentalist . So...do you all find yourselves in a similar predicament on Thursday evenings? What shows will you all be watching? Will anybody be watching more than my potentially seizure-inducing 9 hours worth?



Here is the season 4 episode title list. and i hope no1 posted this already

Season 4, Episode 1: The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition Season 4, Episode 2: Mac and Dennis: Manhunters Season 4, Episode 3: Mac and Charlie Die Season 4, Episode 4: Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life Season 4, Episode 5: Frank Buys a Billboard Season 4, Episode 6: Who Pooped the Bed? Season 4, Episode 7: Episode #4.7 Season 4, Episode 8: Frank Exploits the Mortgage Crisis Season 4, Episode 9: Episode #4.9 Season 4, Episode 10: The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell Season 4, Episode 11: Mac Dates the Waitress

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Enter to win an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia T-Shirt and Season 4 Premiere Poster! FX 's edgy and hilarious comedy, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia , returns for an all new season September 18th, plus the Season 3 DVD release is coming up on September 9th! With the new season and the Season 3 DVD release approaching, it's time for a Sunny giveaway! To enter, comment on this post telling us your favorite It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia character and why you love him or her the most. Here's a little help from our recent Comedy of the Week feature: Comedy of the Week: Looking at the Sunny Characters 1st Prize: *Season 4 Premiere Poster *It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia T-Shirt 2nd - 4th Prize: *It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia T-Shirt The winners will be selected and notified on Friday, September 12th. Sorry, but U.S. and Canada entrants only can be selected as the winners. Giveaway and photo courtesy of New Media Strategies

Comedy of the Week: Favorite Sunny Episodes

In honor of our completely hilarious Comedy of the Week, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia , please share below your favorite episode of the program below (and include a quote if you'd like). If you should only watch a single episode of the show, I'd have to recommend Season 2, Episode 3: "Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare". I've referenced this episode already both in the Clip Show and Character Profiles . The sight of two privileged adults convincing themselves that they'd make more money being on welfare than being employed and subsequently purchasing and becoming addicted to crack so that they can collect the welfare is pretty priceless! You can watch this episode on Hulu here . Share your favorite Sunny episodes below!

Season 4!!

So, I know it's a while away until Season 4 starts, but I started watching the "Going Back to Philly" video that FX has on the website, and now I am itching for new episodes. If you haven't caught it, check it out: Going Back to Philly Note: There is definitely some shirtless Dennis, illiterate Charlie moments, and Mac's Mom...yesssss...