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New episodes

So these alleged new episodes have been sitting here for months without links... Where did this info come from? Did these ever really air if they exist (I've never seen it online or on TV, found any evidence of its reality or heard from anyone who claims to have seen these episodes) What's the deal? Thanks

Bobby of Ritalin

Does anyone know what episode had Bobby taking Ritalin for attention challenges?

Hank was the old guy in Beavis and Butthead

If you go watch some beavis and butthead episodes you will see that hank aka King of The Hill plays the old guy that beavis and butthead do work for.

american dad/family guy/king of the hill

can some one please tell me whats happend to this weeks episodes of the above shows i went to watch them but there are no links were they not shown in the states this week for some reason ?

King of The Hill Needs To Make More Episodes

With today's TV getting ridiculous with obnoxious reality shows and even game shows that attempt to wreck marriages it makes you wonder if today's writers and producers are all misguided teenagers. What we need is for Today's only great TV show KING OF THE HILL which can always be counted on to provide a full solid show from start to finish with comedy, a real life moral plot and just plain solid entertainment that is always an enjoyable experience watching every episode that comes along. But they (the episodes) are too few and far between. I'm sure i speak for the voice of many fans when I say that they should start making it a regular weekly show every season, and a full season at that. Our society could really use a great show like this on regularly, in fact we need it! HUGE FAN