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Is there a conspiracy to get SVU canceled?

Because the writing on this show is way off base from past seasons. This is by far the best show of all the Law and Orders, but for some reason the story lines are getting more and more ridiculous. Now, I'm willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of enjoying tv, but I have a limit and the last 2 episodes have gone beyond. In the last ripped-from-the-headlines catastrophe, whoever's daddy got them a writing job touched on the both the pregnancy pact scandal in Massachusetts and the Myspace suicide brought on by cyber bullying by a friend's mother in St. Louis. The writers nonsensically put these two scandals at the forefront of the episode and totally skipped over the most gruesome and engaging part of the plot where the homeless man is castrated and burned alive. They concluded the episode with another cheezy dénouement where the pregnant teen get's a foster dad who is also the grandfather of her child. Please SVU! I'm begging you. You are loosing loyal viewers who used to value the great acting and intriguing crime drama, but lately you suck. Please get your act together because this is not a show that I want to see canceled, I just want the quality back.

Retro: most overdramatic, ridiculous episode ever

This episode made no sense and was so badly written. I found the M.E. (who I normally love) to be sooooo over the top at some points and then went completely dead when the woman had a seizure and she says "Somebody call an ambulance." The part at the end with the brain cancer patient was especially cheezy too. Lame episode. Those SVU writers must have been on crack this week.

There needs to be a system to report users...

There really needs to be a system to report users for doing things they shouldn't be doing. According to link history, Awa is the one consistently adding false 'survey' sites and removing legitimate video links from the Lunacy episode of SVU (Season 10, Episode 4) and maybe some other episodes and adding in spam links (the ones that make you fill in a survey, like the urlbounce or icanhaz ones). Awa has now done this to me at least four or five times. There are a couple other users doing the same thing, but Awa is the active one right now on SVU. These users are the source of all the spam/false 'survey' showing up lately as discussed by lovehaight here: The proof is right in the Link History pages, so shouldn't we able to report them and maybe get these people's accounts frozen?

Crime shows getting better or worst

I love a bit of My CSI, Criminal Minds and Law & Order, but do you believe they are getting {more violent or less} - {Interesting or Boring} - {Bad guys all the same or there have been changes}. CSI = Getting boring but has a couple good storylines now and then like the miniatures killer; Grissom and Sara's work affair . Criminal Minds = The last episode posted that I watched was Ep20 S3 that was a gripping episode I need to know what is going to happen next . Law & Order = There are so many I only ever watch the Criminal Intent and Special Victims Unit but its hard to catch onto the storylines so I kind of steer clear but I will watch it when I have no other choice of stuff to watch (My Least Favourite Show). Post your thoughts and view I want to know [pick your brains Mwah ha ha ha] on any crime show of your choice that is on sky cause that's all that I have funnily enough or on sidereel. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

Best Drama on TV SVU

L & O SVU is one of the bewst dramas on tv. The other two L & O's are great as well. These programs are thinking people's programs. Meloni and Hargitay are superb; Meloni was excellent as was B. D. Wong in Oz on HBO. This Tuesday, April 15, will be an interesting episode with Hargitay's Det. Benson going to prison.