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The Rashomon Job is Episode 11 NOT 12.

Episode 6 was The Studio Job ----

job i wanna see

i would love to see the leverage crew and the crew from "the two live crew job" in season 2 to work together in one big job...like for a finale or something. i loved the little moments between parker and the thief from the other crew as well as eliot with the female hitter haha

Favorite Leverage character?

Mine is Parker. Cracks me up!

please tell me these shows are coming back

hi, does anyone know when burn notice, monk and leverage are coming back? thanks amled

The Coolest Character Ever!

Vote! Who for you is the coolest character ever? Who is the person that makes you think 'wow he's/she's cooool'. The characters that simply look/do things the cool way. Which one is it? Someone I didn't mention? Write who! "Nominees:" Hank from Californication Chuck from Gossip Girl Cappie from Greek Sylar from Heroes House from House Mickey from Hustle Elliot from Leverage Patrick from The Mentalist Sawyer from Lost Jack from Lost Sam & Dean from Supernatural Michael & Lincoln from Prison Break ````Bill Compton from True Blood Dr. Cox from Scrubs Jack from 24 Dexter from Dexter Barney from How I Met Your Mother Sydney from Alias There is probably loads more I didn't mention, vote on!

Parker and Alec

What about parker and alec getting together r sumthin....they're both slightly odd, same kind of broken home background... I dno i'm a few behind. I just wanted solace that i'm not completely crazy and theres at least one person out there that thinks there's a possibility! Or sumthing like u see them getting closer and then during one of the jobs they kiss but then they're like no we're like brother and sister, in a funny freaking out kind of way..

Leverage Nate + Sophie?

We've seen a small subplot of nate and sophie talking about them beeing together. As far as I remember Nate is supposed to 'think about it'. Do you think it's a good idea to add a romance plot into such a show? The show is focused on cons and scams of the Leverage Crew and a small romance sub-plot might just be the thing here? What do you guys think, will the show let us see Nate and Sophie together?

Incorrect Episode Titles!!

Someone has the titles for episodes 3 and 4 of Leverage mixed up. Episode 3 is "The Two-Horse Job" and episode 4 is "The Miracle Job". Might wanna change that!


I thought the show was excellent! An exciting new series from TNT!


so i stayed up all night as m in d uk to watch this pilot, very cheesy in most parts but it gradually grew on me, m willing to give it a chance. d guy who reviewed it n said d fight scene was phenomenal clearly hasn't seen a good fight scene. other than that 3 out of 5 for me.