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The song in s02e02?

Whats the name of the song (time:25:00).At the second party?Lockt all over the internet but i cant find it.Please help me=) The song goes like this: Put your hand up,rock your body move from side to side.

when's my new favorite show coming back?

anyone know when the hiatus is over? i want new episodes!!

2x09 song at the end of episode

Does anyone knows whats the name of that song?

no lie to me in new york.

yesterday on monday there was supposed to be lie to me on FOX 5. instead there was (i think) a football game. what the hell. i was anticipating that episode for a hole week. so UNFAIR.

I just came to realize how good of actors these people on lie to me are...

I think the actors on lie to me have one of the hardest jobs because they are also trying to fake these tiny face expressions, just got me thinking today on S2E2. Especially the main characters, they all deserve an award (from me anyway). Thanks alot lie to me for some good acting its hard to find these days in alot of shows, but this always keeps wanting more and very excited without all the dramatic action, sex scenes. Also I've come to realize that their isnt much of a continuing problem with main character that needs to be resolved, for people that dont get what i mean by that example; house and his meds probs or the mentalist and red john...bones being in love....

Who played the character....

In season 2 episode 1, there was a man whose wallet was found covered in blood in Jessie's shed named Sam...something. I think it was Sam. But anyhoo. I've seen him somewhere before, and it's driving me crazy that I can't think of who it is and where I've seen him before. Anyone know?

music last episode

does someone know the name of the song of the last episode the life is priceless?i can't find it...and i think it's really good

lie to me

are any one of you going to put season 2 up

State Department employee

Can someone please tell me the actors name that played the bald state department employee in "the best Policy" thanks alot


ok, who can see a Vegas episode coming? i know its a bit obvious, but still, a specialist in being able to recognize involuntary emotional responses to surprising or unknown events, in say, poker, where each drawn card is an exposure to an unknown stimulus; yet a game filled with people who specialize in being able to mask their reactions. come-on it writes itself! you don't even have to throw a murder in it to give it a twist, there's enough deception already. hell, the only person on the team who couldn't play is Loker (just barely though; i can so see him irritating players at a card table, but his honesty...). i cant wait till they do it. i think, personally, the best possible set-up is that a group of high roller players personally challenge Lightman and the team to a game. i'd say high stakes game, but Litman seems like he wouldn't bother with a game where the only prize was money (which is why i hope its on pride). if i had to guess (or gamble, if you think thats clever) though, id say a casino hires him to investigate a cheater. quick, easy, predicable, but entertaining none the less.