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Irregular Episodes?

Why are new episodes only airing every few weeks? Does anyone know why Lie to Me doesn't seem to be regular at all? Is it just a first-season thing?

No Tv next Week?

My whole tv schedule is blank for next week, does that mean everything i was watching has reached the end of the season? Big Bang Theory Grey's Anatomy Lie To Me Scrubs Supernatural all missing obviously, i now know that Psych has reached the end of its season.

two episodes on this week?

two episodes of lie to me are showing up on my schedule, both to be aired at 9, does anyone have any info on this?

lie to me

whats happened to this weeks episode or did it not air

Dr. Cal's daughter

i love this show i think its really good, i know they need to have side stories but does anyone else think that these little stories they are doing with the main guy's daughter need to be leading up to something. we know that she isn't really getting along with her mum and her new boyfriend and she threw that party, could there be a story line with her becoming a druggie or something. i noticed she was quite thin, maybe an eating disorder? it's highly unlike but a relationship between her and the guy that always says what he thinks (sorry im really bad with remembering names)? what else do people think might happen with this kid, cuz surely they have to be going some where with this???

Is it just me?

...Or does Tim Roth look like he's got the drug bloat? Perhaps it's just bad aging, but I sure do miss the days of the thief in Pulp Fiction or the bellhop in Four Rooms . Maybe he just needs a haircut...IDK

Great Writing Peoples...

I was very turned off by Lie to Me because of the way they portrayed Jehovah's Witnesses. Every time they said church or churchgoer, it blew any illusion the show set up for the audience. Anyone who has done the most basic of research knows that they do not attend church. Witnesses attend meeting in a Hall. Also the vocabulary used would NEVER be used by any self respecting Witness (i.e. Man of god, unclean, etc...). Buzzwords like that made it very unbelievable. There were many other inconsistencies, but those bugged me the most.

ohhhhhhhhh boy

i can't wa8, dunno about tim roth but m willing to give him a chance