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Sarah McLachlan to Sing, Play Herself on Life Unexpected/One Tree Hill Crossover Episode

On October 12, Haley and Mia from One Tree Hill will head over to Life Unexpected in a special crossover episode. They'll show up in Portland for a radio show concert hosted by Ryan, during which Haley and Cate bond over their similar pasts. Now, The CW has confirmed an appropriate guest star for the installment: Sarah McLachlan will cameo as herself, performing the single "Forgiveness" at the event. One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected both premiere new seasons on Tuesday, September 14. Source Here

Life Unexpected Spoilers: Lux to Play Above the Rules

Wait... who does Lux hook up with on season two of Life Unexpected? That's the question fans have been asking, as rumors surfaced that the 16-year old would have a Pretty Little Liars-type fling with her new teacher, played by Shaun Sipos. But producer Liz Tigelaar cleared up a few specifics, while remaining vague, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Referring to the student and the teacher, she said: To Read More Click Here .

Promo - Life Unexpected 2.01 ''Ocean Uncharted''

CW’s new critically acclaimed show, Life Unexpected, will be makings its season 2 debut on September 14 and the CW has released a promo and a synopsis for the premiere episode (a promo for Hellcats follows the Life Unexpected trailer). THINGS ARE HEATING UP IN PORTLAND FOR SEASON TWO OF THE CW’S CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED SOPHOMORE SERIES!. To Read More Click Here .

"One Tree Hill" & "Life UneXpected" Crossover Coming To The CW On October 12!

September 1, 2010 (Burbank, CA) -- Grammy Award-winner Sarah McLachlan performs her new single "Forgiveness" in the Life UneXpected crossover episode with One Tree Hill , which is currently filming in Vancouver. The episode will air Tuesday, October 12 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) on The CW . Also singing in the episode will be "One Tree Hill" series star Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley) and recurring guest star Kate Voegele (Mia), along with Ben Lee and Rain Perry (singer/songwriter of the "Life UneXpected" theme song). The crossover episode of "Life UneXpected" brings "One Tree Hill" characters Haley and Mia to a music festival, sponsored by a Portland radio station and hosted by Ryan (Kerr Smith). At the concert, Haley and Cate (Shiri Appleby) meet and discover that they have incredibly similar pasts. It turns out that both women were somewhat nerdy, overachieving teenagers who got pregnant in high school by athletes named Nate (or Nathan). And when a secret of Cate's gets outed, Cate turns to Haley for advice. "One Tree Hill" was created by Mark Schwahn and is executive produced by Schwahn, Joe Davola, Greg Prange, Mike Tollin and Brian Robbins. "One Tree Hill" is produced by Mastermind Laboratories and Tollin/Robbins Production in association with Warner Bros. Television. "Life UneXpected" is produced by CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television in association with Mojo Films with executive producers Liz Tigelaar (Brothers and Sisters, What About Brian ) and Gary Fleder ( October Road ).

'Life Unexpected' Sneak Peek: Arielle Kebbel catches Baze's eye

We'll admit it: we can't wait for the Sept. 14 premiere of The CW's "Life Unexpected." In 2006, "Everwood" left a hole in our hearts, and the family-centric "LUX" is just the remedy. We've gotten our hands on some photos from the first few episodes of Season 2, and we can't help but speculate. Of course, Arielle Kebbel is taking a trip to Portland, and now that we've seen the first shots of her as Baze's new bartender, Paige, we're thinking that sparks are bound to fly. She's definitely not Dean's mousy wife from "Gilmore Girls" anymore! Maybe she's just what Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) needs to take his mind off of Cate (Shiri Appleby)? She's not the only new girl in town. Who's the feisty red-head played by Amy Price-Francis? Her name is Kelly, and she's already making us nervous. In these shots, Ryan (Kerr Smith) is reading her book, which is titled "You CAN'T Have it All." Uh, thanks for the words of encouragement. To Read More Click Here .

LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2 - Promos

Check out a few previews and a photo of the cast LIFE UNEXPECTED which returns at a new time Tuesday Sept 14 at 9/8c on the CW. Cast pictured: Kerr Smith as Ryan, Shiri Appleby as Cate, Kristoffer Polaha as Baze, Britt Robertson as Lux, Austin Basis as Math. Show Synopsis: Returning for a second season, LIFE UNEXPECTED is a coming-of-age family drama that centers around 16-year-old Lux, who was given up for adoption at birth but never adopted. When she is put back into the custody of her estranged-since-high-school birth parents, radio show host Cate and bartender Baze, the three form an unlikely family, complicated by the fact that Cate is engaged to her co-host, Ryan. Cate and Baze struggle with becoming insta-parents and raising a daughter they are only now getting to know, while Ryan must deal with the fact that Cate's feelings for Baze aren't entirely in the past. Lux, meanwhile, tries to reconcile her past with her present, often torn between her old friends from foster care and her new family. As the unlikely trio begins to grow up together, Lux encourages Baze to reveal what she already knows - that he is in love with Cate, just like a part of Cate is in love with him. Baze tries to stop Cate's wedding, but when he's too late, Cate marries Ryan. Heading into next season, our unlikely threesome become a foursome as Ryan joins the family. To Read More Click here .

Life Unexpected and One Tree Hill Staging a Crossover

The worlds of CW dramas Life Unexpected and One Tree Hill will collide in a special crossover episode, a rep for the series confirms. One Tree Hill starlets Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Mia (Kate Voegele) will appear in the Oct. 12 episode of Life Unexpected, in which they'll perform at a music festival sponsored by Cate and Ryan's radio station. Entertainment Weekly first reported the news. Life Unexpected moves to Tuesday nights this fall following One Tree Hill. New seasons of both shows premiere Tuesday, Sept. 14. Source Here

Life Unexpected Creator Liz Tigelaar: "Cate and Baze Aren't Over"

Are Cate and Baze over for good? Last viewers saw, Cate and Ryan tied the knot, but executive producer Liz Tigelaar says not to count Baze out yet. Tigelaar tells TVGuide.com about the upcoming second season of Life Unexpected, which she says will focus on how each character redefines themselves now that their family dynamics have changed. To Read More Click Here .

'Buffy' alum Emma Caulfield gets 'Life Unexpected'

Emma Caulfield is coming back to the small screen on "Life Unexpected," the CW confirms to us. She will be playing a recurring character named Emma who works at Baze's father's (Robin Thomas) investment firm. Fans of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" will remember Caulfield from her five seasons as Anya, the outspoken Vengeance Demon and Xander's girlfriend/ditched bride-to-be. She died a hero's death in the series finale, saving dopey Andrew (Tom Lenk) and sacrificing herself. Since Caulfield will be working for Mr. Bazile, one would think we'd be seeing much more of him as well. Hopefully that means the show will explore more of the Baze-father relationship, which was one of the main sources of tension in the first season. We also wonder if Caulfield would possibly be a romantic interest for Baze (Kristoffer Polaha)? The cliffhanger saw him interrupt Cate and Ryan's wedding but to what end? "Life Unexpected" premieres Tuesday, Sept. 14 at 9 p.m. on the CW. Source Here

New Roles on Glee, CSI, Life Unexpected, Torchwood

As the fall season approaches, shows are looking to add some new characters. Glee is adding a new high school jock named Sam, who is described as very good looking. Though he plays football, Sam must also have a strong singing voice. Sounds like he could be at the heart of the season premiere, which is titled "Audition." Sam also sounds a lot like the character Chris Colfer told me they were conceptualizing for Kurt's new boyfriend. If so, our little Kurtie scored big time! My advice to Sam: if you like it then you should put a ring on it! As CSI goes into its 11th season without actress Liz Vassey (Wendy), who was dropped from the cast, the show is searching for a new female named Kacey Monohan. In her 20's, Kacey is a bomb expert who becomes the team's new tech. It looks like she'll team with Nick, which means George Eads must have worked out a deal to return to the series for his 11th year. Apparently, Kacey has been setting off bombs herself since she was a girl, which has earned her some nicknames the team will no doubt have fun with. The CW's Life Unexpected will add a forty-something character named Emma as a possible older love interest for Baze. Just one catch: she works for Baze's father and is a bit stuffy. I bet Baze can loosen her up. And Starz's new season of Torchwood is shaping up with the search for one series regular and two supporting roles. Rex Matheson is a white, twenty-something CIA agent who sounds sort of like FX's animated Archer spy: a fearless, cocky thrill seeker. Recurring characters include Esther Katusi, a newbie Watch Analyst in the CIA who is deeply (and secretly) in love with Rex. And Oswald Jones is the dangerous psychotic villain. He's a forty-something murderer and pedophile who gets sprung from the slammer into the spotlight. Rex - catch this sicko! Source Here