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This Saturday, September 12, 2009 in Anaheim, CA, LOST cast members are going to be making a public appearance at Disney's D23 Convention; additionally some really fantastic pieces of LOST history are going to be on display- including Kate's toy plane, Hurley's winning lottery ticket, Locke's hunting knife, Sawyer's letter and many other surprises! These items will be on view Thursday September 10 through Sunday, September 13, the entire weekend of D23, and will be up for auction after the series finale in May of 2010. for the full story, go to profilesinshistory.com

Lost season 6 theories

With the final season of lost five months away and the slow tv summer despite a few gems i have started to watch lost from the beginning again During my viewing of the second season i came across an interesting conversation between jack and sayid under the swan station in episode 4 25.17 into that episode jack asks sayid what he thinks is going on sayid replies the last time i heard of concrete being poured over everything in this way was chernobyl from this perhaps wrongly i am led to believe that jack and the atom bomb is the incident referred to by dr chang in the dharma video at the swan station The flash at the end of season 5 could be another time jump in light of this i am saddened it means both juiliet and charlie are both dead while claire is missing One more point i would like to put forth is claires visit to the fortune teller in season 1 episode 10 in which the he tells her this child must be raised by u if this child is raised by anyone else danger will surround them this child your native spirit must be an influence in the development of this child no happy life for the child without u the baby needs your protection great danger will befall u What i see from this passage and the previous one is that like the cylons of battlestar damon lindeloff and carlton cuse had a plan from the beginning which is unbelievable in tv circles where other shows make up new mythology at every turn despite the massive plot holes they produce To anyone who reads this i would like to invite you to please leave your theories of what will happen in the final season or what you want to happen to complete a utterly manificent show

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Discuss: The Most Disappointing Episodes Of The Greatest Shows - Featured

Yahoo's TV Blog has a fun post about the lone bad episodes of otherwise great TV shows - like Battlestar Galactica 's "Black Market" or Lost 's "Stranger in a Strange Land" (that one with Jack in Thailand...). Other shows covered include Gossip Girl , Chuck , House , 30 Rock , The West Wing , The Office , Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24 , Friday Night Lights and The Sopranos . Check 'em out and see if you agree/disagree: The Most Disappointing Episodes Of The Greatest Shows Know of another great show that you think had a bad episode? Friends or Seinfeld, perhaps? Discuss in comments!

Is 24 the most addictive series of all time? - Featured

A British film site - LOVEFiLM.com - commissioned a poll in the hopes of identifying the most addictive TV series of all time. 24 came in first place with 19% of the vote. Lost came in 2nd place with 17% of the vote. Friends (1994) came in 3rd place with 10% of the vote. The rest of the results - all with below 10% of the vote - were as follows: Heroes The Wire Dr. Who CSI Prison Break The Sopranos Sex and the City So what do you think of this list? Is CSI actually addictive? Where's Dexter ? What do you think should be on here instead? Source

Man sues creators of LOST - stating he wrote the script 32 years ago!

Seriously, isnt lost like in the 70's right now? This is weird :)

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Theory about Jacob --probably wrong--might contain spoilers if im right--

I was watching "Greatest Hits" the other day randomly and had a little bit of a stroke of genius . . . maybe. During the scene where Charlie resuces Nadia from the burglar I was thinking about how Jacob came into contact with different characters at different times (im under the impression that he intervenes their lives and points them towards getting to the island) and thought that the burglar might well be Jacob. It was pouring down so you couldnt really see his face well which would cover the whole not having an actor to play him at that time thing so i guess it could be. This could also mean that at previous points in episodes Jacob could of been seen again. A bit of a long shot as they didnt have that guy from Dexter in it at the time but i think it would be a neat twist for some Jacob related flashbacks in the next series.


Anybody know what Richard say to that woman when she asked him "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" ? Pretty sure it was latin.

Egyptian Theory!!!!!!!

I thought that was a great finale. It proved most of my theories that I have posted before. Its apparent now that the Jacob from before wasn't even Jacob, at least when the cabin is concerned. If you noticed, the actual Jacob was always the same guy, and gave no indication of being a tricky individual. I think that my egyptian theories are becoming more and more accurate. Not only was the temple covered in egytian heiroglyphics, that statue where the real jacob lives was the statue of Sobek. This is where egyptian mythology really plays key roles in the plot of Lost! Sobek is a god with the head of a crocodile and the body of a man. If anyone noticed, Jacob was weaving a tapistry with the Eye of Ra at the top and peaple worshipping him. Sobek is an avatar, a kind of reincarnation of Ra on earth. His main job is to fix the evil things that have been done. He doesn't get directly involved, but he tends to nudge things or set things in motion. This is what Jacob was doing all through the castaways lives, giving then nudges to bring them to that moment. This means that probably that nameless bad guy, New John Locke, is probably Set, God of Chaos, Darkness (smoke monster? monster told Ben to do whatever John said). Of course, Jacob could be horus, and Richard could be Sobek? Who knows, hopefully we'll get some answers this next season.