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what do you mean i have to wait 1 year for the next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you mean i have to wait almost 1 year to watch what happened to oceanic flight 815. That is messed.

Theory about Richard

Ive got a feeling that Richard Alpert arrived at the island on the Black Rock back in 18whenever. A while back I cant remember when but I think amongst all of the dead bodies in chains there was a brief mention about a pair of shackles that were busted open. It could fit in with a story on how he met Jacob and why Ilana called him Ricardo.

Richards response to "what lies in the shadow of the statue?"

Has anyone translated RIchards response to "what lies in the shadow of the statue?" I believe it was latin.

when will season 6 be out?

anyone know?

Holy Lost! What did you think of the Explosive Finale? - Featured

Lost Season Finale Spoilers Included! In preparation for the big Season 5 Lost finale, we thought up our Top 10 Lost Mysteries for the Season Finale . I was very surprised to see some of the mysteries I did not expect to get much finale plot like "what lies beneath the statue," and what's up with those extra Guam flight survivors end up being very central to this finale. I expected the finale to just be all about Locke finding Jacob and Jack trying to blow up the Swan, and well, both of those were indeed huge parts, but wow, was there ever more Jacob and more of an intense bomb situation than I expected, along with far more Guam survivor and statue involvement than expected as well! So we've now actually seen Jacob, and apparently most of our Oceanic survivors have as well, and he is what lies beneath the statue. But after not a ton happened for most of the episode, we were left with the enormous shockers that Locke was not Locke, and the bomb did not go off, and nothing was stopped or changed... and then... oh did the bomb ever go off! So what did you think of this amazingly confusing finale?? Are you thrilled with the shock of the Guam survivors rolling Locke's body out of that case? Were you shocked to see Ben actually stab Jacob, to realize this was somehow that past guy's loophole to killing Jacob, and to find out that Locke is not Locke? Plus what did you think of the Juliet death, reappearance, and then her being the one to maybe have caused the ultimate Lost game-changer? Share all your Lost finale thoughts, disappointments, thrills, and predictions! Related Stories: Top 10 Lost Mysteries for the Season Finale Finale Fever: SideReel's Top 10 Favorite Season Finales, Part 1 Preview of 'Lost' 5th Season Finale: The Incident Lost 5.15: 'Follow The Leader' Review Photo courtesy of about.com

Isn't Claire's mom dead?

Maybe I don't remember this correctly but hasn't Claire's mom died years ago? There was this traffic accident when Claire had her hair dyed black and somebody died. I remember Jack's father being in the hospital talking to Claire's aunt - I think this was in season one or two. Or was the dead woman somebody else?

Where's Rose

Where or when are Rose and Bernard? We haven't seen them since they were arguing over how to start a fire after the first flash??

Lost Turns 100! Discuss: Favorite Backstory, Favorite Episode - Featured

Lost turns 100 tonight! Displayed here are images of the celebratory cake crafted for the cast and crew of Lost by the nice fellows from Ace of Cakes . As we have mentioned in the past, it's a real milestone for a TV show to reach 100 episodes. It means that it's likely been on the air for at least 5 seasons, and if a show sticks around for 5 seasons, generally that means it's something special (generally...). In honor of this milestone, we thought it'd be fitting to get some Lost discussion started! Mainly, which character possesses your favorite backstory? And...because it might be a different response, What is your favorite episode? The 100th episode of Lost , The Variable, airs tonight on ABC at 9PM.

Lost and Angel Collide

If anyone wants to see sawyer clean shaven and younger, check out the fist episode season 1 of Angel where he plays a vampire in the first couple minutes.

Lost: The Story Of The Oceanic 6 (HD)

For those of you who missed it, the season 5 special has been uploaded. The Story of the Oceanic 6 Enjoy :)