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Lost Special Episode The Story of Oceanic 6

Does anyone know where to find yesterday's recap episode? the episode's entitled: "Lost Special Episode-The Story of Oceanic 6"


He is the psyko in the psyk hospital who tells THE NUMBERS to Hurley. OMG.

Some like it hoth

Anyone else notice that darma beer cans are wrong . thay have new style pulls not ring pulls. dont know why it bugged me just did LOL

IS lost going to end or not!!

Just a thought, is this season going to be the last season of lost?? it seems to me this way??

When are they again?

Just a quick question...Are Ben, Sun, Locke etc. in the present, past or future? I can't remember that being said.


i was just wondering what will happen to him now if you remember in season 1 the clairvoyant said no matter what Clare needs to raise him he said something like "evil surrounds this child and he needs your goodness" so will this have any repercussions?

Strange thing

What do all these have in common ?

Discuss: Easter Eggs from Namaste - Featured

sl-LOST.com has discovered some interesting things from last night's episode of Lost that I did not catch myself! As you can see above, there was a clear outline of a woman behind Sun when she was talking to Christian in the cabin with Frank. Might this have been Claire? There's another image of this which you can zoom further here . Also, when Frank's plane was crash landing on the island runway, the Numbers can be heard in the background! (site has audio) These and more awesome observations, courtesy of sl-Lost.com !

Did you miss something? Or do you need a refresher?

This playlist on Youtube is a great collection of short videos that cover all the major points of each episode of Season 5. So whether you need a mini-refresher before you watch the next episode, or if you just want to quickly check which episode a major event happened, this is the place to go. They are very professional looking, and I especially like the way they match certain events to other related events to make them clear to the viewer.

Lost Spoiler Chat - Featured

Which Major Character is Dying? E!Online recently reported that Lost inside sources have confirmed a major character will be dying by the end of this season. Clues: -A current series regular is getting killed before the end of season five. -The character who will die is someone who is much-loved by many of you fans. -This is a real leaving-the-show death, a la Shannon or Charlie, not a quick-fix time-travel death like Jeremy Bentham/John Locke. -The character getting killed off is not, I repeat, not Evie's character Kate Austen. Today, DarkUFO has confirmed that it is one of the following characters: -Ben -Sawyer -Daniel -Jin -Miles So...who do you think it's going to be? Personally, I think both Sawyer (too...smoking...hot...to die) and Jin (since he just un-died) are safe; of the remaining batch, I'd say Daniel is the most beloved by fans... Source: E!Online