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What is happening next week?

Really lost, chuck and heroes all don't come back for two weeks what going on? it one thing for few show but lots are doing this!

next episode after la fleur

when is it aired??

Lost: Last Week's Episode

In last weeks episode of LOST, Ben saved John's life and then killed him. Why did he save his life only to turn around and kill him himself? Some input on the reason for this would be appreciated. fredciti

When will this be posted?

Does anyone know when this episode will be available to watch on SideReel?


Is it just me, or does it seem that Kate doesnt actually have any freckles, Despite her nickname?

Who told Hurley to go on that flight (My theory)

Every one saw when Hurley was at the airport well he had a guitar case.(My guess it was Charles) so my guess is there was another one of those visions with Charle and he told him he need to go and help the others or something along those lines.

Better and better

Holy crap! This show just gets better and better with every episode!


Does anyone know when this will be available on ABC.com? I have checked a bunch and its not up yet? Will it be by midnight?

Lost episode 5 - This Place is Death discussion

Wow i have to say this is the best episode this season it was amazing . Wowsers simply amazing episode...... I feel like this was a very intriguing line right there. It proves that Christian I guess is not just a talking puppet for Jacob (or against Jacob, whatever you may think). It proves he still has a conscious and has his own thoughts. Also did you see the look on bens face when he heard Desmond say that Elosie is Daniel's mother!? At last something that Ben didn't know about the island and charlotte being on the Island it was really shocking. The only negative part is Hurley is still not there?

Big drop

Show dropped from rank 4 to rank 9, I'm guessing it's not as good as people thought it was? Not really wanting to start watching it if it's not.