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The dragon sleeps under the ground of this land... It gives an abundant harvest on the land when sleeping, but brings a disaster when it is awake. In every decade or hundreds of years, the dragon moves its body as if it tosses about unconsciously. The movement becomes the distortion and causes impurity. This impurity forms the corrupted being known as Magatsuhi, which lavishes an evil on people. And now, there is a huge indication of a distortion as Magatsuhi outbreak were now spread across the prefectures of Japan. Gods foresaw the greatest harm would happen to Japan, divide own power and give it off as a messenger of God in Japan to gather mediums, or 'Magica' who can expel the 'impurity' and exorcise Magatsuhi. With the magical weapon the power of Gods, the “Magica” will fight to stop evils in Japan.

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