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Ratings: Castle Looks Sharp as Horatio Takes a Siesta - Featured

Monday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET Dancing with the Stars averaged 20.28 million total viewers over its 90-minute run, up 6 percent week-to-week. A special Monday broadcast of Bones followed with an audience of 8.38 mil, a drop of 470K from its last Thursday foray. Trailing CBS sitcom repeats, an especially Awesome episode of Chuck drew 6.05 mil, dipping 170K. Gossip Girl talked to 2.36 mil, down 120 thou. * 9 pm Leading out of a Two and a Half Men repeat, Rules of Engagement (10.59 million viewers) dropped more than a mil, placing behind ABC's Surviving Suburbia (10.86 mil) at the half-hour mark. 24 clocked in with 10.28 mil, down 550K, while Heroes (6.36 mil) resumed its stumbling ways, slipping 9 percent. One Tree Hill (2.42 mil) ticked up 130K. * 10 pm With The Mentalist repeat (9.43 mil) subbing for CSI: Miami , ABC's Castle enjoyed an 11 percent surge, hitting 8.44 mil. Medium (7.36 mil), however, missed out on the opportunity, dropping 220 thou. Source here

Tonight's TV Hot List for Monday, April 20, 2009 - Featured

* Gossip Girl (8 pm/ET The CW ) This show returns with fresh episodes just as Serena returns from her adventure in Spain. Also back on the scene: Nate's wealthy grandfather, who makes a secret pact with Blair. And while it may be too late for the rest of us to celebrate Passover, it's not too late in the Waldorfs' world, so they host a Seder for their newest family members. Among the catering staff: a displeased Dan, who didn't realize he'd be serving his friends when he got a job to earn money for college. * Bones (8 pm/ET Fox) Boneheads, rejoice! This week we get two episodes of the series: one tonight, and another at its regularly scheduled time on Thursday (8 pm/ET). The first one focuses on the loss of a colleague from another department at the Jeffersonian, though Brennan is skeptical of the official cause of death. Later in the week, Booth helps a friend and fellow law-enforcement officer from Japan when the guy's sister goes missing in Washington, D.C. * Dancing with the Stars (8 pm/ET ABC) It's time for an event that has proved to be one of the highlights of past seasons: the group dance! This round, that number will have a 1960s theme, so it's sure to be groovy. And for a new fun twist, the contestants got to design this week's costumes for their regular performances. We got some hints at what this may look like last week, as LT promised that Edyta would be more "covered up," Shawn was looking into leotards, and Ty was suggesting the use of denim. * Chuck (8 pm/ET NBC) A vogue agent turns rogue agent tonight. Chic superspy Sarah defies government protocol and operates outside the rules - for Chuck's sake. Here, Sarah and Chuck take a quantum leap, going AWOL in a stealthy quest to rescue Chuck's father (Scott Bakula) from Fulcrum forces. They'll go undercover and possibly under the covers, as they inch closer to one another while free from the governmental surveillance that usually eyes them. Meanwhile, the grunting and perpetually mirthless Casey works to pinpoint their secret location. There's more at Buy More: Morgan turns into a Nerd Herd outcast after unwittingly getting snooty Emmett promoted. Chevy Chase guest stars. * Medium (10:01 pm/ET NBC) Allison takes a stalk on the wild side in Part 1 of a two-parter. Allison always has a vision quest, but tonight her visions turn especially nightmarish when they center on her stalker: Lucas Harvey, a twisted zealot who's devoted to ending Allison's paranormal work for good. Allison's chilling dreams then come to life when Harvey makes an actual appearance, putting Allison and her family in grave danger. Meanwhile, Joe struggles over crucial decisions that could save his company. The conclusion airs next week. Source Here

Rumer Willis Plays Prostitute on Medium

Rumer Willis is spreading her wings as an actress with a gritty role as a lady of the evening for her guest-starring role on Medium . "It's a little strange for me to have the daughter of one of my closest friends Bruce Willis play a prostitute, but she is really terrific in this role," says Medium executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron, who worked with Bruce on Moonlighting. Find out what else Glenn has to say about Rumer... "She's extremely talented and a wonderful mix of both Bruce and Demi," adds Glenn. "She has her mom's sensitivity and vulnerability, but that tough streak her dad has, and she's as bright as both of them. But she's really her own person." The episode, set to air May 18, is titled "The First Cut Is the Deepest" and features Balthazar Getty as Rumer's character's john, as well as the return of Anjelica Huston as Cynthia Keener, Allison DuBois' former boss who is now in jail for murdering her daughter's killer. Glenn tells us, "Anjelica is back for just this one episode, and we wanted to find someone really good to direct it, so it was my idea to have Patricia Arquette direct again. She's a terrific director. When I approached her about it, she was flabbergasted, like, 'Really?' If we come back next season, you will likely see Patricia directing more episodes." Glenn filled us in on much, much more about Medium, so check this section on Monday to hear all about the season finale, deaths and guest stars galore. Source here

Ratings: Did Bob Saget Play to a Full House? - Featured

Monday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET Dancing with the Stars averaged 19.6 million total viewers over its 90-minute run, dipping 630K week-to-week. House placed second during the hour with 13 mil, gaining 830 thou. Chevy Chasing CBS comedy repeats, Chuck came in fourth with 6 mil, inching up 380K. * 9 pm CBS' coverage of the NCAA men's basketball championship game drew 16.3 million in its first two hours. That puts it on pace to net out lower than last year's Kansas-Memphis faceoff. ABC's Bob Saget-starring Surviving Suburbia debuted to a solid 12.16 mil; as a benchmark, Samantha Who? drew 14.9 mil for its own premiere in the same plum après-DWTS time slot. At 11 mil, 24 was down a hair from last week, while Heroes continued to redefine its all-time low (6.05 mil). * 10 pm Placing second behind hoops, Castle scored 9.24 million viewers, down 560K. Medium nearly matched its previous audience, sizing up 7.15 mil. Source here

Tonight's TV Hot List for Monday, April, 6, 2009 - Featured

* House (8 pm/ET Fox) Mos Def last week and now Meat Loaf - unusually named pop stars are just dying to get into Princeton Plainsboro these days. Expect House to have his hands full tonight: Meat Loaf's character, a guy named Eddie, is already on death's door when his wife (Colleen Camp) collapses while taking care of him - and she gets worse once she's in the hospital. In the next bed, Eddie is beginning to show some improvement, and the ordeal they're both undergoing rekindles their romance. * NCAA Basketball Championship (9 pm/ET CBS) Tonight the court for this title game is smack dab in the middle of Detroit's Ford Field, a football stadium that will hold 70,000 hoops fanatics (some with a better view than others). Tomorrow it could be shipped to the winner of tonight's game - the champions have the option of buying the Final Four hardwood, which has been used by past champions as a practice court or divided into pieces to sell to rabid boosters as souvenirs. * Surviving Suburbia (9:32 pm/ET ABC) Bob Saget is an expert at acting like a good parent (Full House; Raising Dad), and he's certainly adept at recognizing funny home moments captured on video. But he's also known for having a caustic blue streak in his stand-up routine. Somewhere in between is Surviving Suburbia's Steve Patterson, Saget's latest sitcom incarnation, a cynical dad who is mostly good at offending people. In the opener, Steve reluctantly agrees to house-sit for a neighbor and accidentally sets it on fire. * The Hills (10 pm/ET MTV ) The drama resumes as Lauren, Heidi, Audrina and Lo return for what Lauren says will be her final season. (Haven't we heard that before?) When we last left off, Lauren seemed ready to finally put her feud with Heidi behind her, but that doesn't mean she necessarily wants to rekindle the friendship (especially with Spencer still in the picture). So when Heidi shows up at Lauren's surprise birthday party in tonight's opener, Heidi doesn't exactly get the warm welcome she was hoping for. * Medium (10 pm/ET NBC) Is James Van Der Beek up the creek? Anything's possible when dream weaver Allison starts her psychic snooping. The former Dawson's Creek actor plunges deep into a bizarro guest-star turn as the child of a missing woman. Allison begins investigating the mother's disappearance, but what seems to be a standard missing person's case grows tangled, gnarled and stranger by the minute when the victim's two oddball kids take center stage. In family affairs, Joe's sister (Amanda Detmer) arrives, seeking a stay as her marriage crumbles around her. Source here

Ratings: Medium and Wet, Naked Jack Bauer Show Growth - Featured

Monday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET Dancing with the Stars matched its week-ago audience, averaging 20.23 million total viewers across its two-hour run. House placed second in the hour (and No. 1 in the demos) with 12.18 mil, dipping 610K from its last fresh outing. CBS' The Big Bang Theory (9.77 mil) and Mother (9.23 mil) combined for third, putting up typical numbers. Chuck dropped 380 thou to place fourth with 5.63 mil. Gossip Girl (2.48 mil) was up 12 percent. * 9 pm Two and a Half Men scored 14.44 mil, up 420K; lead-out Rules of Engagement held onto 11 mil of the crowd. 24 's wet, naked Jack Bauer was enjoyed by 11.2 mil, up 900K. Heroes slipped 160 thou to set another (!) all-time low of 6.32 mil. One Tree Hill matched last week's 2.29 mil. * 10 pm CSI: Miami was No. 1 with 13.36 million viewers, followed by ABC's Castle (which held steady at 9.8 mil). Medium bounced back 11 percent from last week's season low to size up 7.26 mil, its best audience since Feb. 23. Source here

Mark Steines on 'Medium'

He's covered Hollywood's biggest stars, but is our Mark Steines ready for a ghostly murder mystery? Mark plays host on a fictional '50s game show called "Truth be Told" that's part of a new mystery for " Medium " star Patricia Arquette. As she reveals, the final pages of the script are so secret that our lovable ET anchor could be the show's killer! "I've never played a killer before," he jokes. "As soon as I'm finished with my performance today, I'm going straight to my dressing room and writing my acceptance speech." Source & Video

NBC pushes season finales to June

Hoping to to give "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" a solid premiere-week lead-in, NBC is pushing several major season finales into June. Several of the Peacock's 10 p.m. players won't end their seasons until the week of June 1, which is when O'Brien steps in to replace Jay Leno in the House That Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson Built. That means " Medium " will air its season finale on Monday, June 2, followed by "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" on June 2 and "Law and Order: Original Recipe" on June 3. Then on June 4, net will air the launch of newcomer " The Listener " (more on that in a moment). "We'll give Conan the best launch possible during his premiere week," said NBC Entertainment/Universal Media Studios co-chair Ben Silverman. The post-season week of series finales is just part of Peacock's summer schedule strategy, which the net announced Thursday. For starters, The U.S. return of international TV hit "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" will dominate NBC's June lineup, airing four nights a week for most of the month. The reality show, which originally aired on ABC in 2003, will bow on June 1 with a two-hour opener at 8 p.m. Show will continue to air for an hour each Monday through Thursday until Wednesday, June 24, when it ends with a one-hour finale. Also in June, NBC also plans to launch three original scripted dramas, all of which are budget-minded international co-productions: * "The Listener," which comes from Shaftesbury Films, CTV and Fox Int'l. Channels in addition to NBC, will air Thursdays at 10 p.m. starting June 4. * " Merlin ," from the BBC, FremantleMedia and Shine TV, will air Sundays at 8 p.m. starting June 21, when it bows with a two-hour opener. "Merlin" will also air for two hours on June 28, before settling into a regular hour the following week. * "The Philanthropist," from Universal Media Studios and its U.K.-based Carnival Films subsid (as well as Original Media and the Levinson/Fontana Co.), will air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. starting June 24. Elsewhere on NBC's summer sked, the net has scheduled two miniseries: "Meteor" will air at 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 7 and 14. And "The Storm" will run at 9 p.m. on Sunday, July 19 and 26. Beyond "I'm A Celebrity," NBC's summer alternative skeins include the return of "America's Got Talent," which will air Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. starting June 23 and 24. And newcomer "Great American Road Trip," from BBC Worldwide, runs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. beginning July 1. Also, the Peacock run of " Law & Order: Criminal Intent ," which now run first on USA Network, will return on Mondays at 9 p.m. starting June 8. Source here

Balthazar Getty Goes to 'Medium' With Rumer Willis

" Medium " has prolonged Balthazar Getty's career on TV. The actor who will be leaving " Brothers & Sisters " before the season ends, is tapped as a guest star on the NBC series in an episode which will be directed by the star herself, Patricia Arquette. According to People, Getty will step in the role of a wealthy real estate magnate whose wife is missing. Beside Getty, Arquette who is having her second directing shot, has also included Rumer Willis and Anjelica Huston. While the former will play the missing woman, the latter reprises her Emmy-nominated role as Cynthia Keener. The episode will be called "The First Bite is the Deepest" and revolves around the past demons and future consequences. Keener, who used to be a private investigator is serving a prison time for the murder of her daughter's killer. She reaches out to Allison for help when her friend (Willis) is missing. The episode will be in productive motion this week for a telecast in Spring. Source here

Watch a sneak peek of Medium's Season 5 Episode 6 ''Apocalypse Now''

Allison (Emmy winner Patricia Arquette) awakes to an earthquake after having a dark dream about an apocalypse and is certain this means the end is near. The dreams continue to consume Allison so much that she becomes preoccupied with preparing for the end of civilization by stocking up on emergency supplies and seeking guidance from a man who seems to be an expert in survival. Meanwhile, Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) finds herself strangely attracted to an upperclassman that seeks her help in Geometry class and her company on a date. Jake Weber, Miguel Sandoval, David Cubitt, Maria Lark and Madison & Miranda Carabello also star. Airing Monday March 9 (8-9 p.m. ET). To Watch A Sneak Peek Click Here .