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  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s1e26Good-bye Holmes! The Last Case
    • s1e25Chaos! The Doll Swap Case
    • s1e24Listen! The Tribute to Moriarty
    • s1e23Game of Wits! Parrot vs Professor
    • s1e22Grand Flight Championship of Chaos!?
    • s1e21Buzz Buzz! The Fly Fly Mecha Operation
    • s1e20Chase the Airship White Silver!
    • s1e19The Soseki Kite Battle Over London!
    • s1e18Blundered Operation at Loch Ness!
    • s1e17The Monster of the Thames River
    • s1e16The Magic Castle! Holmes, Dead or Alive?
    • s1e15Look! The Shining Thief
    • s1e14Gourmet! The Coral Lobsters
    • s1e13Missing Freight Car!? The Professor's Big Magic Trick
    • s1e12The Professor's Big Failure in the Storm!!
    • s1e11The Targeted Giant Coin Bank
    • s1e10The Air Battle Over Dover!
    • s1e9Treasure Under the Sea
    • s1e8The Speckled Band
    • s1e7The Great Chase of the Little Detectives
    • s1e6Solve the Mystery of the Green Balloon!
    • s1e5Blue Ruby
    • s1e4The Kidnapping Case of Mrs. Hudson
    • s1e3Little Martha's Big Mystery!?
    • s1e2The Evil Genius, Professor Moriarty
    • s1e1He's the Famous Detective