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CW Returns: Gossip Girl, 90210, Melrose Place - Who has the Best Budding Romance? - Featured

Some of our favorite and most juicy dramas return to The CW this week including Gossip Girl , 90210 , and Melrose Place (2009) ! While there are some couples we know and love like Chuck and Blair and the on-again-off-again Navid and Adrianna, there are also a number of budding romances left hanging from when we last checked in! Some are entirely new and some are flings or those almost-relationships getting another chance. So, of the romances just getting started on these returning shows, we want to know which you think is the best budding romance of them all? Gossip Girl Dan & Vanessa Serena & Nate 90210 Naomi & Liam Silver & Teddy Adrianna & Gia Melrose Place (2009) Ella & Jonah Riley & Auggie Violet & Auggie David & Lauren Don't miss an all new Gossip Girl on Monday then all new 90210 and Melrose Place (2009) on Tuesday!

SideReel: This Week in TV - 2.21.2010 - Featured

Time for an all new This Week in TV where Kendra and Rachel tell you - of course - what's happening on TV this week! Lots of shows are in reruns due to the XXI Olympic Winter Games , but there's still some options available to you, including some new series premieres/returns! And of course - if you're into the Olympics (curling, anyone?) - check out our special Winter Olympics Page to stay on top of all of the scheduling, medal counts, athlete info and more! Additionally, K & R spend some time discussing shows whose renewal status for next season still lie in limbo. Highlight on some CW faves including Smallville and One Tree Hill . Check out the video here: This Week in TV - 2.21.2010 You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. As always, we'd love to hear your comments and feedback below in comments! Which shows whose renewal and/or cancellation has not yet been announced do you have the most love for?


If anyone knows wat day melrose place is coming back that would be kl thx

Melrose Place Cancellation Buzz: Keep It or Kill It? - Featured

The CW , not being a huge TV network, has much lower ratings standards when it comes to a successful show vs. a show on the chopping block. While the bigger networks including NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox expect about 7 - 17 million viewers or so for a successful show, popular CW show like Gossip Girl keep afloat for around 2 million, and a fellow freshman series to Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries, hit 4.2 million viewers for this week's episode ( more ). So, for those shows we consider in danger on the likes of NBC like Heroes , the ratings may just have dropped a lot, down to 5 or 6 million for concerns of cancellation, but for The CW, cancellation for a show like The Beautiful Life was because it was hitting 1 million in its first few episodes, and not showing any sign of popularity or improvement. Since the difference between a popular show at 2 million and a canceled show at 1 million doesn't feel like a huge gap, there's certainly reason to wonder if Melrose Place is going to cut it for a 2nd season renewal. MP kicked off its season premiere on September 8th with 2.27 million viewers ( more ), and now by the 8th episode, has dropped to 1.59 million ( more ). With GG and 90210 staying steady around 2 million, and others like Vampire Diaries and Supernatural sticking around 3-4 million, would The CW hang on to a show that started where their popular shows have dropped, plus then dropped closer and closer to the number of a show they canceled after 2 episodes ? So, while we editorial ladies here at SideReel can't resist a juicy CW drama and are still watching Melrose Place, we have to wonder if we're going to have to agree with TVGuide.com when they say: "Yes, the CW has ordered 18 episodes for this season. Two cast members have been fired, and producers say they plan to change direction from the new Melrose Place's dark murder mystery. Will it be enough?" What do you think? Do you agree with TVGuide and our growing concerns that while MP is doing okay, it looks like the ratings aren't all that's slipping? Would you like to see MP survive for another season, or are you part of that viewership that's dropped off since the premiere and don't plan to return?

Pink and black dress in tonights episode... urgent!

I just watched my first episode of Melrose Place and I"m oogling over the pink and black dress worn in tonights episode. Not sure of the character's name however. If anyone saw it knows where I can find it in stores please let me know. Would love to wear that on my 25th bday next Wednesday.

Where are all the episodes?

Hey, Does anyone know why there are no new episodes for Supernatural and Vampire Diaries this week. On Monday there isn't an episode for How I Met Your Mother, on Tuesday the episode for 90210 and Melrose Place is not airing either. And to top it all off Glee doesn't seem to be airing. If someone could explain to me why they aren't airing that would be cool. Thanks

Mean Girls of The CW: Who's the Meanest of Them All? - Featured

The mean girl winner has been determined! Mean Girls of The CW: And the Meanest Mean Girl Is... Move over, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and the rest of "The Plastics!" There are some new mean girls in town! The CW has become the "it" spot for delicious and edgy teen dramas, and as that has expanded with new shows every season, The CW has become the "it" spot for some serious new and returning mean girls! Between last week's premieres of 90210 , Melrose Place (2009) , Supernatural , and Vampire Diaries, and this week's premieres of Gossip Girl , One Tree Hill , and The Beautiful Life , we have ourselves a seriously dramalicious line-up of OMG moments fueled by some seriously dramalicious mean girls! So as the premieres continue to roll out this week, we want to know who you think is the meanest mean girl of them all on The CW!! Is it Blair Waldorf, former Queen Bee of the Upper East Side? New backstabbing girl on the block Ella Flynn or maybe the vicious 90210 queen, Naomi Clark, looking for some serious revenge this season? Check out our list of the top mean girl from each of our fav CW shows, then add your vote for the meanest mean girl in the comments below! Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf 90210 - Naomi Clark Melrose Place (2009) - Ella Flynn Vampire Diaries - Jenna Moyer The Beautiful Life - Sonja Stone One Tree Hill - Rachel Gatina Supernatural - Lilith Check out the Fall 2009 TV Calendar here

final montage??

at the end of the episode we see a montage of all the different characters doing there respective things. who sere the three ppl on bed???

The CW's upcoming Tvshow Melrose Place New Promo Poster

As you see above there's a new last minute poster for The CW's upcoming Melrose Place remake.