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First Impressions?

I havn't had the chance to watch the episode myself (albeit being a UK resident) as I must horribly admit, I favored X-Factor over giving the new BBC series a chance. I managed to get the first link up to the episode on Sidereel for you all to view and I'm interested to see the general response. Filling Doctor Who's shoes is bound to be hard and reading some post airing reviews, not everybody seems impressed. I must admit however, I am not often one to go by the reviews of others and will wait until viewing the episode myself before passing any judgment. I was wondering however, how the non bias public Sidereel users thought of the episode? Will this take off? You'll see me doing a lot of work around the Merlin pages and you can almost guarantee I will have the first link up on Sidereel for most of the episodes so I hope to get to know some of the Merlin fans soon!