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Why is this good ???

OK I'll admit it i have only just discovered this series, and i find myself enjoying it with some glaring exceptions. I am a bit of a accuracy or at the very least a consistency freak and this series is riddled with the lack there of and yet i am enchanted by the series to the point am 1/2 way through the first season in a matter of a few days . I guess ill just point out a few of the more obvious problems and let those who have watched it all either reassure me or chime in . First and foremost why on earth did they call it Merlin other than the names of the characters it has little is any resemblance to the Arthurian legend so why not make it anyone else Bob the wizard would be as good. Secondly why do they keep saving that vile SOB King he the all powerful wizard just has to not save the jerk and he can become who he is.Yet the free thinker struggles to maintain the status quo allowing from what I have seen dozens of innocents to be murdered in the kings name and he continues to prop up the aristocracy .That seems terribly inconstant with someone who try's to simply do whats right.Seems to me the conflicts could easily be with enemy's rather than propping up an evil King,,, for that matter any king although i guess kings belong in the setting. One more thing, the repeated story line is already wearing thin. With all that said it is a fun show but those things do bother me and subtract from the show