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BBC America's MISTRESSES First Look

On February 20 at 8pm, BBC America will premiere a new series, MISTRESSES. Ladies, let me tell you one thing: Don't miss this! I am usually a big fan of all the BBC America shows, and so when I got to take a look at their new show Mistresses , I was sort of excited. Unfortunately, I wasn't too blown away by the first episode and was even thinking of writing an average review for it. But before doing that I decided to watch the entire first series to really get an overview of the show. And it's a good thing I did because I don't know what happened but that second episode sucked me into the show to the point where I couldn't stop watching. Any empty moment I had, I would pop that DVD right in to find out what happened next. Even now, after watching the first season, I cannot wait to start watching the next one. But before I go on, you might ask, what is Mistresses about? And I'll be honest about this, it is not a show for men (not that some might not enjoy it, especially with some of the girl on girl action), but I think this is really a show for women. It follows the lives of four friends, Katie (Sarah Parish), Trudi (Sharon Small), Siobhan (Orla Brady), and Jessica (Shelley Conn), and their love lives and infidelities. (If you want more information about each of the character, you can read below, but be warned that it might contain spoilers). The series follows the story of each woman and what happens to them. Mistresses is definitely a drama, but a drama worth watching. It is really rare for me (in fact I don't think it ever happened before) to find a show in which I genuinely care about each character's storyline and look forward to each of them without wanting to skip any part of it. But Mistresses has achieved that. Of course I did have my favorite story and character (it's Katie if you must know), but I found myself enjoying every part of the show. In addition, the creators have done a really good job at finding an amazing cast that was able to bring these women alive in a way that will allow the audience to relate to them. They are all great friends, but at the same time, they each have their own personalities and quirks and that's what makes the show really enjoyable and true. And so, don't miss Mistresses when it premieres tomorrow, February 20, night at 8pm (and on Fridays at 9pm after that) on BBC America. I think some of you might be surprised by what you find. To Read More Click Here .

Good show

I was captivated from the first minute, now I want more. It was also a plus that the link had the whole series and I was able to watch back to back! Does anyone know if this series will be back...I hope so.