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For the Love of Moonlight

I was disappointed in CBS recent decision not to renew Moonlight. According execs they are going back to basics and that women drive network television. To me, if they want to focus on the female viewer they needed to look not further than Alex O'Loughlin and Jason Dohring. I guess "the eye" must be blind. Treating 8 million faithful fans as if they are a waste of time and money. I hope their advertisers realize what a big mistake CBS has made. Support the viewer and they will follow (the show wherever it goes) with their money.

Umm, haven't I seen this show?

While I do find this to be mildly entertaining, I can't help but point out the show Forever Knight. It was a show that aired for 3 seasons in the early 90's about a vampire that worked the late shift as a detective. The main character was named Nick (sound familiar?). He wanted to help people by being a detective, had a blonde female partner in the last season, a love interest (a medical examiner) who knows what he is, and not to mention, it originally aired on CBS. These are just a few examples of many other things. I just feel that CBS has decided to give the show another shot, without actually doing the show over. I plan on seeing a few more episodes of this, but it mostly just makes me want to watch my Forever Knight dvds. Anyone who enjoys this show, I highly recommend you check out Forever Knight. Just expect a little cheesiness since it is an early 90's show. New Amsterdam is also worth checking out if you liked this.

My ideal exactly

I was the same way fay15, but lucky me I only had to watch 5 eps when I first started watching it. But that was one full night, and one tired day after. It just caught me and wouldn't let me go. I can't wait for new eps to come.

Very watchable....

Moonlight's Alex Loughlan forgoes the prosthetics of Buffy and opts for a stronger storyline than Blood Ties to bring us the vamp who could be the good looking boy next door. He's sexy, he's got a great voice and the right edge of vulnerability that makes all us girlies want to rescue him, and give him a shot at our necks if he needs a pick-me up! His feelings for the young girl he rescued who has grown into a young woman are a wee bit creepy (shouldn't he feel more protective than horny?) but still a part of you wants them to get it on. Unlike contemporary vampire tv series, Moonlight appears still to have a grip on a storyline - our hero's quest to be human again - and a stong cast keeps the episodes moving along very nicely. Moonlight should go maybe 3 series, with a defined beginning, middle and end, and then fans could rest happy. Even though vamps never seem to!


Oh my god I love this show so much! I only started watching it a few days ago and consequently I haven't slept very much!!!!!!!!!! :P

To Thumbs Up

This T.V series is so addictive. One of the good ones. Yes it has similarities to other shows but in itself UNIQUE. The remakes today I can agree are TERRIBLE. Bionic Woman and Battlestar Gallactica these remakes have disappointed me deeply. But there will always be vampire stories. You can only use certain plots so many times. But this one I don't know what it is. IT KEEPS ME GLUED to the T.V. Can't wait for the next one. If they repeat an Episode. I will watch it to. Not much to watch on T.V today. But this show is worth watching.


Moonlight iz one of the best vampire shows... it haz been so gud lately im hooked i cant wait until tonight 2 c wat mick does while hes human