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my boys

hmm i would love to be able to watch this show to see if i like it but its only on i tunes any one got any other links please


so where can you find the last episode of My Boys. I've tried several spots and it wasn't any where.

my boys

i have just found this show could someone find links to other sites please as it seems to be only on i tunes (season 1 )

Season 1

I am wondering if anyone knows of where I can watch the Season 1 episodes. I do not have itunes so that makes it harder for me. If possible can ya'll put in some links. Thanx much.


So, as we all know, PJ has a lot of men in her life. She has had several boyfriends but they never seem to stick. She has several options but she just needs to figure out who she wants. Here is a list of all of the men in her life & all of the men who have been in her life. Bobby, Brendan, Mike, Kenny, Thorn, Charlie, Hank, and Evan. Did I miss any one? Below just write who you think PJ should be with and why.

You rock!

Thanks so much for the new links! You guys are awsome!


I know you're all thinking it from time to time... Why do Steph and Kenny hate each other so much????

Season 2, ep 1- not so much of a grand slam

I was a little disappointed w/ her choice for italy...and the story line... Since it was the season premiere, and the fact they were off for so long, I really expected something alot ... FUNNIER... but thats just me... what do you guys think?