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after watching episode 7 i really really really want 2 c this person who thot canceling this show was a good idea.

whats the reason for the split personality?

one question? why does a traines spy needs a personality of a working guy from the suburbs? this i dont get?? anyone? investing millions to make a personality who doesnt even know how to use a gun?? and second why edward with all the training and ability will ever give up hes freedom of doing thinghs bisides killing so hes alter personality is the one enjoying a real life?? what the fuck is that? i liked the show but its kind of stupid in that way...hope there is a good reason!!

My Own Worst Enemy.. wow what a surprise....

Edward Albright is a super spy. Henry Spivey is living the normal American dream living in the suburbs with his wife, two kids and dog. The two have one thing in common they share the same body because Edward took part in an experiment several years earlier to create a split personality. The only problem is that Henry has no idea about Edward, that is until he gets a email from him saying people are coming there to kill him. I fail to see what kind of concept there playing at here. I'm not sure how far this show is going to make it. Experiments? A Superspy with Split personality disorder.. "Run for the hills... its godzilla!!!", might be a better theme. To read some more on this article, visit TV.com