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most awkward high 5's in history???

Ive been watching myth busters since day 1 and every time I see the awkward high 5's between the build team I laugh. its a combination between misses , being left hanging (mostly grant), awkward half high 5 half weird inter locking fingers grab or just plan missing the high 5. has anyone else noticed this?


Whats the song they play when they throw the car over the edge? (Episode 17, Somewhere around minute 41)

Mythbusters :/

Why isnt there any mythbuster episodes? :(

no mythbusters yet :(

I cant find anywhere on the internet that this season actually starts today, I was super stoked on this episode but I dont think their ready to reveal their next season just yet

Ever wonder what movies the Mythbusters worked on????

I'm sure this isn't a complete list. Jamie Hyneman- 1 Top Gun-(1986) 2 Rude Awakening-(1989) 3 Arachnophobia-(1990) 4 Naked Lunch-(1991) 5 Star Wars-Episodes,1 and 2-(1999,2002) 6 The Matrix-2 and 3-(2003) Adam Savage- 1 Jack -(1996) 2 Flubber-(1997) 3 Home Alone 3-(1997) 4 Star Wars-Episodes,1and2-(1999,2002) 5 Bicentennial Man-(1999) 6 Galaxy Quest-(1999) 7 Space Cowboys-(2000) 8 A.I-(2001) 9 The Matrix-2and3-(2003) 10 Terminator 3-(2003) Salvatore Belleci- 1 Starship Troopers-(1997) 2 Star Wars-Episodes,1and2-(1999,2002) 3 Galaxy Quest-(1999) 4 Monkeybone-(2001) 5 The Matrix-Reloaded-(2003) 6 Terminator 3-(2003) 7 Peter Pan-(2003) 8 Van Helsing-(2004) Grant Imahara- 1 Jurassic Park-(1997) 2 Star Wars-Episodes,1,2and3-(1999,2002,2005) 3 Galaxy Quest-(1999) 4 A.I-(2001) 5 The Matrix-2and3-(2003) 6 Terminator 3-(2003) 7 Van Helsing-(2004) 8 xXx-State of the union-(2005) Now I did not research to hard but from what i can tell Kari Byron has not worked in special,or visual effects Mythbusters might be her first job.


someone put a link to the episode "viral hour" .... i missed it on tv and i was wondering how long it will take to put it on here. thanks