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I can't wait for it to come.

NCIS Spin-off

There had been some news on a spin-off. I was wondering if anyone knew when the spin-off episode was going to air and who the lead actors were for the spin-off show and possible name.

Is there a page glitch?

You knoww..where it says episode 13 but SEASON 7..? Must seem like I moan alot! Sorry guys lol, I'm just a very inquisitive teenager. :D x

I know this is mean to be a review..NOT a forum..but..

But I can't find a forum! If there is one..it's probably right in front of my eyes lol ANYWAY..when you check the 'show unaired episodes' box why don't any new ones show? Is it because of the christmas break?

What Makes NCIS Your Favorite Crime Show?

With so many crime shows on TV these days, why does NCIS stand out? Is it those Gibbs looks you just can't resist? The fascinating cases? Or maybe (just maayybe) the personal character stories like a little something called "TIVA"? Comment with why you love NCIS and how it stands out from all those crime shows around! Discussion sponsored by ION Television , now airing off-network favorites like ER , NCIS , and Boston Legal . If you're not a SideReel member, join now to enter ION's sponsored giveaway to win 2 round-trip tickets anywhere within the U.S. Photo courtesy of TVGuide.com

TIVA seems to be heating up this season!

I have found magazine articles that preview a little of what is going to happen to TIVA Take a look and tell me what you think

What's Your Favorite Show on ION Television?

ION Television is now airing some great off-network shows, so what's your favorite show airing on ION? Boston Legal NCIS ER Not a SideReel member? Join SideReel now to be entered to win 2 round-trip tickets anywhere within the U.S. , courtesy of ION Television!


I absoloutly love CSI but when I got told about this show I jumped at the news and began to watch it. This show is fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Csi is brilliant for its plots and mysteries but NCSI is brillaint for developing its characters more than CSI's because I mean you know how each character in NCIS is giong to re-act in certain situations which is great. I honestly cant " big" this up any more. Dinozo is a legend and hillarious. Abbi's coool. Giibs great. I mean they are all unique characters which some of the qualities in them makes them human and we can relate to them other than CSI although i still luv tht too.

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