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JETLAG laged a little somthing???

This ep seemed to "lag" (for lack of a better word) a little filling. It's like it just kept trying to be interesting and then it would hit a wall. I am above all an NCIS fan since the shows beginning, but I am also as bigger TIVA fan aswell. I had anticipated this episode as one that would offer a little more into the goings on between Tony and Ziva while in Paris. After all.... that is what the man himself told us to expect! There was more fire in the last 15 seconds of this episode then there was in the whole 43 minutes! But.... will those 15 seconds just be forgotton, swept under the rug, never spoken about again like all those other tiva moments or will we start seeing flashes of paris that involve not Gibbs and Jenny but tiva? After all, Who did sleep on the couch?


Look what they did to my Ziva's beautiful face. Someone needs to die.


I can't wait for it to come.