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NCIS Episode "False Witness" Season 8, Episode 10

"Turkey DNA database?" "I know. It's a wonderful time to be alive, Gibbs." NCIS had its It's a Wonderful Life episode — or the closest it'll ever get — with the Christmas-themed "False Witness." And Abby was right. What's not to celebrate about living in the days of forensic miracle and wonder, as Paul Simon might put it, when a near-exact match can be made on a turkey corpse, and all of YouTube can be scanned not just for cute cat videos but tell-tale pixel problems that lead to a near-exact match on a critical camcorder? What did you think of "False Witness"? Do you want Annie Wersching back? Are you glad DiNozzo's prankishness is back, or did you prefer his brief respite as a one-track crimefighter? What ancient dance do you hope to see Abby learn next? To Read More Click Here.