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Nip/Tuck's final stitch

I liked the series finale tonight. They didn't take it too far with the sex scenes, but also kept it provocative at the same time. The Japanese star with two girls on arms definitely died happy as seen from the expression on his face. I loved how they ended it with a Kimber look-alike. It ended how it started, certainly a great ending. What did everyone else think?

Nip Tuck hasn't been this good in a long time

How awesome was tonights episode! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time watching Nip/Tuck. The love triangle between Sean, Christian and Julia is hilarious. I loved how they both tried to sleep with Julia and both got shut down. And how about Matt going back to his addiction...priceless ending! Can't wait for the series finale...I just hope it tops tonights episode...

SideReel: This Week in TV - 2.15.2010 - Featured

Time for an all new This Week in TV where Kendra and Rachel tell you - of course - what's happening on TV this week! Lots of shows are in reruns due to the XXI Olympic Winter Games , but there's still some options available to you, including some new series premieres/returns! And of course - if you're into the Olympics (curling, anyone?) - check out our special Winter Olympics Page to stay on top of all of the scheduling, medal counts, athlete info and more! Additionally, K & R spend some time discussing shows that started really strong, but never could recapture their early season glory (we're looking at you, Heroes ). Check out the video here: This Week in TV - 2.15.2010 You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. As always, we'd love to hear your comments and feedback below in comments! Which shows do you think have not lived up to their early season glory?

Season 6, episode 10

This was one of the most disturbing hour of fictional tv I have ever see. It was gripping and very emotional.What do you think?

Season 5, Episode 9

Can someone please add a working link for season 5, episode 9? None that are currently posted are working for me. Thanks!!

Intro Videos of all famous Tv shows - A great Compilation

This is a great compilation into videos of all famous tv shows that was aired in all famous tv channels,this great compilation is done by me and I am sure all tv show lovers will love this guys,Please share your views on it Great Tv Show Intro Video Compilations

Its coming back!!

sadly its next year... but early on JAN

A Reaction Like No Other

One of the things one talks about a great deal when giving private lessons in foreign languages is the media. What are your favorite movies? What are your favorite television shows? Many of us have more than one list; we have the one we give our closest friends, one we give the people who know how we take our coffee but not the songs we turn up loudest while driving, and the one we tailor on the fly to answer a light question for educational purposes. Not given to tailoring, fashion or much social alteration of any kind, I have one list for each medium which I provide at will. Thanks to that, I've gotten to notice the reaction a person can get admitting far and wide that one's favorite show at the moment is Nip/Tuck. What reactions does anyone else get? Let's share.


Please add new episodes, cause i'm diying to know what happens after the last episode. (candy Richards) =)

There is 1 episode left?!?!?!

I don´t understand why the status says 1 episode left when the season finale already happened. Its it a Special between the 5th and the 6th season or is it just a mistake.