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Norway in HD is a high definition podcast TV exploring the nature, culture and business life mainly of Norway. Most of the episodes are shot on locations in the south-western part of the country where all the major fjords are located and where the most dramatic landscape sceneries can be found. These video podcasts are intended to be armchair travel experiences in vivid colors and super clear images. For those technically inclined the format is 720p and compatible with Apple TV. Get ready to acquaint yourself with the Majestic Norway Fjords, those snowy mountains and that special feeling of fresh, crisp and clear air that fills your lungs with much needed oxygen. In addition you will take part in our cultural events and the daily life in towns, villages and farmlands. Norway in HD covers the changing seasons of the year from the eerie green of May, through the light summer evenings of June, the incredible colours of the autumn and to the darker frozen world of winter. This podcast TV is clean and suitable for the whole family.

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