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Episode 8 and 9 not working????

I was trying to watch eps. 8 today and all the links arent working. I checked the links for eps 9 and none of those were working either. Does anyone know where I can view these????


Did Nurse Jackie get picked up for another season or canceled?

Where did the cast come from?

I must have missed something. Why did Jackie's child have a plaster cast on? Why would the school question it (as plaster casts get put on by a hospital, so whatever had happened, the child had been treated properly)? I remember the child being hurt by the horrid neighbour child, but can't remember anything about a cast.....

who is pissed that mo-mo is not in the show

i lived him the show dose not seem the same with out him. its more dark and not as funny. i want them to have mo-mo come back.

Trauma : Another drama about the "real" heroes?

Yet another medical drama where everyone is broken, has issues and of course how could any self-respecting tv series not include the character that is mourning a death of someone who died in the first episode and has flash backs due to it and the lovable jackass who at start will be making people roll their eyes at his pass, but the one who "dislikes" him the most, will be the one who falls madly inlove with him. (like no one saw that from the begining) Episode 2 shows how sensitive the paramedics are, and how much of a dickhead the doctors are. "Nurse jackie" shows how the doctors diagnose and are snobby but the nurses are the healers. "Grey's anatomy" everyone is broken (again) lovesick and suicidal (and these people are mending others) Trauma seems to be yet another series showing the "hidden heroes in the background" living up to all the cliche you can think of. - the woman paramedic that looses her lover/loved one and freaks out and tries to revive a dead man dispite of the shouting to stop and eventually breaks down in tears (episode 1) - the jackass everyone loves to hate, and the biggest hater will be his biggest love (prediction for the future) - the cocky jackass will make a fatal decision and cost someones life and he'll realise his error but still act cool about it, although he's emotinally torn (episode 2) - miracle healing through the love of a child (episode 2) - "manly" pretty woman who knows nothing about make up and a shitload about cars and other "boy" stuff, becomes the future biggest love of the jackass character (prediction for the future) and they will always quarrel over nothing. - the trainee that sucks badly and the trainer doesn't want him, but eventually accepts him (episode 2) As the episodes roll on, i believe everyone will notice the typical cliches happing waaaaaaay too fast and waaaaaaaaay too soon.

Where did the add to favorites option go?


Where is tonight's episode?

Was there not a new episode tonight (Monday)??? We should be on episode 11 according to the Showtime website, but I can't find anything for it here or elsewhere...

nurse jackie

have they moved nurse jackie from monday's to friday's or has next weeks episode been leaked on the net early

nurse jackie

ok iam very confused i dont remember missing an episode of nurse jackie iam sure the last episode i saw was steak knife but now there is another one added on and its not even shown on my tv listings for monday what is going on

nurse jackie

can some one tell me what episode we are up to on nurse Jackie because the episode that is on the link for last night i saw last week