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October Road Jumps to the Future

Some nice news for Road fans from E!Online: "It's been more than a year since October Road went off the air, and the season-two DVD is finally hitting shelves May 5. What's the No. 1 reason to purchase said DVD? It includes a 10-minute, never-before-seen series wrap-up that O-Road fans will drool over. After viewing the finale ourselves, we can assure you that fans will definitely be satisfied where the Roaders ended up. The finale jumps seven years into the future, and most of the entire cast is present, except for two of the castmembers pictured left. Ruh-roh. Instead of ruining any minute (because there are only 10!), we decided to play a little game to whet your appetites before you can watch it for yourself. So who's pregnant, who's dead and who's leaving Knight's Ridge? Of course, we can't forget the million-dollar question: Who is Sam's real father? Take the quiz below, and we may give you some answers in Monday's Spoiler Chat. Source

A Roadie Heads to "Mars"

More cast additions to the ABC series Life on Mars : Jonathan Murphy, who played Ronnie on the dearly departed October Road , has been cast to play the role of Detective Chris Skelton, a young new face at the department. Source: TV Guide

Closure for October Road

We mentioned how the producers of October Road had pledged to fund a 15 minute ending for the canceled series to satisfy its very dedicated fans and we now have some further scoop on that ending: From TV Guide: "The story will start at the wedding of Hannah (Laura Prepon) and Big Cat (Warren Christie), and then flash forward seven years, where fans will receive answers to most of their remaining questions. The plan is to include the epilogue on the second-season DVD and possibly online." Online would be nice. Let's hope for that! Source: TV Guide

October Road to Get 15 Minute Finale

While it might not make the wound disappear entirely, October Road fans should be happy to know that the show will be getting a 15 minute finale to tie up loose ends, which is being paid for entirely out of the pockets of the people behind the show (which is why it won't be any longer). You have to commend them on that kind of treatment of their fans! Source: KorbiTV

October Road fans forge foward with Letter Campaign

The fans of October Road have been so distraught over the cancellation of their show, despite efforts by their Pay October Road Forward campaign that they have yet organized another campaign in addition to the current one running to get noticed by the top people at ABC. On June 10th, ABC can expect to receive thousands upon thousands of letters and postcards to their offices in Burbank, specifically to Stephen McPherson and Anne Sweeney, the top people at Disney-ABC Entertainment to plead their case yet again to revive this show that was given the "death slot" of Monday night where no advertising was to be found and so the ratings proved less than what ABC wanted. Many would say that it was like having a party but not sending invites, then you are disappointed that no one showed up. Why June 10th many ask, well, it is to mark exactly 3 months from the time the last episode was shown. Even with it being 12 weeks since, the fan base continues to grow due to what fans call "ABC's new advertising" with the Pay October Road Forward campaign. To find out more about this campaign, you can visit the boards at to learn more. Looks like these fans won't give up for the show they love. I guess this shows true dedication to their show and ABC.

The Road Has Ended...

I have some bad news for October Road fans. ABC has canceled the series, as of today. This was announced today during the network's upfront presentation. Source: Hollywood Reporter

Fans Campaign to "Pay October Road Forward"

October Road fans are campaigning to save the show with a new campaign, "Pay October Road Forward." Check out how you can help save October Road with this news from campaigner Deb Jackson: We the fans are purchasing the first season DVD and donating to our local libraries along with donating books we no longer use to add to their inventory. This helps in [keeping down their costs and we hope will draw more viewers to this wonderful show. Some fans are even sending care packages to the troops overseas along with the season one DVD. After research, it was discovered that DVD's are a highly requested item by the soldiers. We hope this makes their days there a little more tolerable while living in the unspeakable. This campaign has been running officially for 4 weeks now and we hear about more and more donations daily. Some wires have already picked up on this campaign and this is beginning to draw more people to join in with donating. The fans feel that by donating DVD's in addition to helping the libraries, this will help secure more viewers for ABC network not only for this show but any lead ins they put with it. It is a win win situation for ABC if it is renewed as they get free advertising basically with the fans doing this work and we would get our show to watch weekly. Check out the growing campaign online: Fans Rally to Save October Road Fans "Pay it Forward" to Save "October Road" Save October Road October Road - Roadies Unite! Photo courtesy of

Save October Road Campaign!

Excerpt from 'Save October Road!' by RebelDavis on We all know that October Road is at great risk of being cancelled. For those of you who don't visit the OR site on you should know that there is an active campaign going onto save it from being cancelled. Someone on the site has suggested that everyone send a leaf of appreciation to the execs at ABC. The idea is that if enough people send leaves they will see just how big and supportive the fans are of OR and hopefully they will decide to give us a third season. If you want to participate just send in a leaf, can be a real leaf or a paper one (probably the better choice), along with a short note that says what you love about October Road and why you don't want it to be cancelled. Also include your name and age if you feel comfortable doing so. You can visit the message board on the OR page at for more details. Send your leaves and notes to this address: ABC Studios/Attn: Virginia Mastroianni and/or Erin Felentzer/ 500 South Buena Vista Blvd./Burbank, CA 91521 Maybe if enough people participate we can collectively save October Road!