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'On the Road's' Austin Scarlett: 'Santino is such a darling, but...'

Anyone who remembers Austin Scarlett from the inaugural season of "Project Runway" knew what to expect of the designer on Lifetime's "On the Road with Austin & Santino" design-wise. The costume, couture and wedding dress designer's eye generally moves to classic, flowing, and billowing silhouettes, but the fun of the show is the compromise between him and fellow road tripper, another "Project Runway" alum, Santino Rice. "He's really an amazing designer and I think that everything we do really is collaboration," Austin tells Zap2it. "On the show we end up going with my sketch or his flavor, whatever. We always end up collaborating together and really we both respect one another." To Read More Click Here.

Austin & Santino Hit the Road

A pair of Project Runway's most memorable alums, Season 1's Austin Scarlett and Season 2's Santino Rice, have teamed up for the new design-makeover series On the Road With Austin & Santino (Thursday, 10:30/9:30c, Lifetime). "It's a fantastic cross-country adventure," gushes Austin, a bridal-wear designer who won the first-ever Runway challenge by transforming cornhusks into couture. "Santino and I are bringing high fashion to an American woman at a special time in her life." These American women, plucked from small towns, range from truck drivers to rodeo trick-riders celebrating anniversaries, bachelorette parties and other milestones. "People are people," sums up Santino, best remembered for his outspoken attitude and artistic eye. "All women want their Cinderella moment." Austin and Santino dreamed up the show's concept after becoming friends at the wrap party for Runway Season 2. "This has been many years in the making," Santino says. How did small-town USA receive the flamboyant Runway vets? "I was happily surprised at how genuinely welcoming everyone has been to two crazy, big-city designers," says Austin. Santino even learned a thing or two about fashion while on the road: "You can never have too much clean underwear!" Source Here