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'Once Upon a Time': 4 Reasons Why the Decision to Go to the Underworld was a Foolish One

Emma Swan came to a realization in "Her Handsome Hero" that fans have been feeling for weeks. Emma's trip to the Underworld was incredibly rushed and poorly planned.   Once Upon a Time hasn't slipped in quality since the characters traveled to the Underworld. If anything the show has gotten better with the introduction of Hades as the villain. It doesn't change the fact that Emma's decision to go the Underworld to save Hook is extremely sloppy and probably the worst mistake she has made since the show began. Here are 4 reasons why the trip to the Underworld was a foolish move for Emma.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/once-upon-a-time/once-upon-a-time-4-reasons-why-59575.aspx

[WATCH] 'Once Upon a Time' Sneak Peek: Emma and Regina Face Off Against Hades' Powers

Regina and Emma have their magic back in the Underworld and they aren't wasting any time using it. In this sneak from the Once Upon A Time episode, "Her Handsome Hero" Regina and Emma join forces, literally, to try a new spell. Regina hopes that together they can overpower Hades' magic and end their nightmarish trip to the Underworld. The most intriguing part of of the sneak peek is what is not shown.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/once-upon-a-time/watch-once-upon-a-time-sneak-p-59546.aspx

'OUAT' bosses on the future of the fairy-tale drama

Could Once Upon a Time go the way of Lost ? In the wake of the news that the ABC fairy-tale drama has been renewed for a sixth season, it seems only fair to wonder whether executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have an endgame in mind. From early in its run, Once...   Read More... //feeds.ew.com/~r/entertainmentweekly/tv/coverage/~3/BsyyLWBviUg/once-upon-time-series-end-season-6

Once Upon a Time Video: Can Emma + Regina + Squiggly Lines Defeat Hades?

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), Emma and Regina pair up to set in motion their plan of attack against Hades but will a bunch of squiggly lines do the trick? As seen in the sneak peek below, Emma finally sneaks in some Zzzzs after storming the Underworld, but then quickly [] //tvline.com/2016/04/08/once-upon-a-time-season-5-video-emma-regina-hades/

'Once Upon a Time' Episode 5.17 Photos: Will Gaston Seek Revenge on Rumple?

Official photos from season 5 episode 17 of Once Upon a Time , airing Sunday, April 10 at 8pm on ABC. "Her Handsome Hero" -- When Belle finds Gaston in the Underworld, she faces a decision that can cost her Rumplestiltskin: Belle turns to Rumplestiltskin with hope of finding a way to protect their child from Hades. However, they disagree over whether to use dark magic, as Belle forbids Rumplestiltskin from using his powers for evil. Meanwhile, Hades secretly meets with Gaston in the Underworld and encourages him to seek revenge on Rumplestiltskin. As the heroes try to find a way to defeat Hades, Emma has a terrifying nightmare that she realizes is beginning to come true. And in flashbacks, Belle and Gaston meet for the first time, but their blossoming romance comes to a halt on the eve of the Ogre wars.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/slideshows/once-upon-a-time-episode-517-photos-36500.aspx