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Serious and fun - ALL at the same time!

Out of the big three SJ animes, One Piece was the last one that I got into. I used to see it once in awhile on cartoon network, but it looked really childish to me. And to be fair, the beginning of this anime is very childish - it almost feels like a different anime at the start from what it is at its current state. At the beginning, it is very simple, and only gives very small hints at its awesomeness, such as when Shanks saves Luffy from the sea monster with his haki. But from beginning to now, it has always been hilarious. It is definitely an anime that knows how to laugh at itself and others. To Read More Click Me!

One Piece Episodes Dubbed

Does anybody know if One Piece Episodes will continue to be Dubbed in english. If so, Will it be by funimation or a fan dub party? Thanks

Restart for indexing the video's!

I'm going to upload the One Piece movies and I thought "What is this a mess". So is it a idea the remove all and start over?

one pice

ther is no more like 100 to 300