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CW website not very good

This didn't hit me today. I've been noticing for a while now. What is up with the CW GG blog? CW is Crapping it up, lately. They keep updating the main page but nobody ever updates the bio pages! And what is up with not giving Blair a bio pg. at all... READ FULL ARTICLE

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What's going to happen to Sam?

In the last episode of One Tree Hill Sam left Tree Hill in her friend's brother's car after learning that comments she had made about Brooke led to her attack. This brother is the same guy who shot and killed Q. What do you think is goona happen??! What I think: Jullian gave Sam his phone number in the last episode. I think that she'll call him when she sees she's in danger. But will it be too late and Brooke is so torn up over it...

Tv Show Breaks

I was just wondering, does anyone have like a list or something that shows when all the tv shows (OTH, 90210 etc.) come back after their break, and was wondering if every show is takin a break?

Last Episode

Was episode 12 the last episode or is there one more?

What's up with that?

What's up with the 1940's look in OTH in Season 6 Episode 11? Honestly, I didn't like the episode very much. It made me sick seeing Peyton dead and Lucas crying for her. Obviously, I'm a Leyton fan. Haha! Anyway, at least it was just a dream. But.. What happened to Peyton at the end of the episode? Hope it's not that serious.

CW Look-A-Like-Contest!

Did you ever see someone who bears an amazing resemblance with a CW actor? Well - I sure did. Or didn't I? We all think that the Gossip Girl cast is unique. We wouldn't accept a justification like "I'm Chuck Bass" from anyone else but Ed Westwick. We wouldn't enjoy watching someone being as bitchy as Blair if it wasn't for Leighton Meester. A childish laugh like Serenas wouldn't be that great without Blake Lively. And as for Nate - well noone who seems to fall for girls so easily would still be so nice to look at if it wasn't for Chace Crawford. SEE PHOTOS OF LOOK-A-LIKE


does anyone else miss whitey in the show, he hasnt been in it for so long. cant wait for episode 12

VOTE: Who Is Your Favorite 1940s Character?

I loved last weeks 1940s One Tree Hill episode, I thought it was a great spin for the show. My question to you, is who was your favorite 1940s OTH character, and WHY?

peyton is she ok?

i really really hope she ok! could she be pregnent i hope she is and for it too be a girl! chad very good job! pls dont let peyton die she my favorite! love OTH!