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Did Nathan Cheat on Haley?

ok guys, so after having watched the first two episodes of the 7th season of oth, what do u think the truth is behind this random girl coming into the story and accusing nathan of getting her pregenant? do you think he actually did it, or shes out to get him for something? newayss, when lucas and brooke first stopped dating, i kind of lost interest in the show a little bit because they were my fave couplee, and i loved them. last season got a little boring if you ask meee, and with the departure of lucas and peyton, i didnt think the show would go anywhere. but the first two episodes changed my mind. i lovee the new characters they added, and this show is honestlyy one of the best shows outt theree.. OTH

Theory of the Skank

So, we all know that some woman shows up out of nowhere and threatens to go public with proof that she slept with Nathan. I honestly don't think he actually slept with her. The 'proof' she had was that she was 3 months pregnant. It doesn't prove that Nathan is the father. Also, the final scene where Nathan told Haley that he had to tell her something. He didnt necessarily have to tell her he made a mistake...maybe all he told her was that some woman was threatening him. If you look at his expressions when he found out and when he and Clay have been discussing it, he looks afraid and angry...but he's never looked guilty... BUT: this woman has to have chosen Nate for some reason. She has to have something on him...there has to be a personal reason why she's threatening Nate and not some other random Bball player. MY THOERY: It's Clay. I think she had sex with Clay, and he's the one who got her pregnant. But they were so drunk he doesnt remember. And now she's mad at him and is taking it out on Nate. Remember when we first met Clay? He was half naked in his room with some random girl...he's clearly a player... So yeah...i definitely think this whole thing could be Clay's fault...it would be kinda ironic if the guy whose there to help Nathan and stick up for him and make his problems go away is the one who caused the problems in the first place...

OTH: Better Than Ever Baby! (Season 7, Episode 2)

Here's a show that actually gets better the longer it's on TV...7 years now, and still going strong! There have been times, in the past, when I didn't watch as much b/c it kind of bored me, but I will honestly say that the past few seasons have been pretty good...I noticed a dramatic improvement in the show after Gossip Girl started getting all the buzz. At that time, I thought GG was definitely better then OTH in terms of the writing, but now I actually prefer One Tree Hill. The show definitely deserves kudos for the vast improvement it made in such a short period of time. I got into Brulian last season, and am loving all their togetherness...I hope they don't get boring though. The writers are going to have to do something to keep them interesting- now that they're living together, and are officially, the new Leyton. I don't really mind that Leyton is gone...I enjoyed them at times, but then at times, I didn't. I liked that Lucas could bring the waterworks on with his sentimental/thoughtful narration... I suppose Dan is the new narrator, of sorts...speaking of which: WOW. I find it amazing how they've redeemed Dan...very creative. They've found a way to resurrect his character in an interesting & original way, so they get hand claps for that one. I'm glad they haven't abandoned the sentimentality of the show, as that's what makes One Tree Hill for me. Naley is my couple...they're great together. I love their relationship and their adorable Jamie. I knew it was only a matter of time before they had to bring the drama into their relationship (since this is a drama), but Whoa! I just didn't see the gold-digging skank s/l coming (although he is a professional b-ball player, so it makes sense), b/c I guess I just never thought he'd be in a situation where he could be accused of cheating (but then, that crazy psycho babysitter fabricated a story against him, so I suppose I should have seen this a-comin'). I don't believe he even slept with her...who cares whether he was drunk and she's three months pregnant? That doesn't mean it's his child...just get a dna test done pronto...they did it on "Young and the Restless" last year (although that stupid s/l continued for the better part of the year...but this is about OTH, so I'll get back to it). Haley had me rolling a few times in this epi: I enjoyed her imaginary conversation w/Peyton and Lucas...she did a good job mimicking their facial expressions and voices. I was also glad when she got the one-up on that record label lady and said "who's the b*tch now b*tch?" Lol...Haley is a trip... Other Thoughts: So Dan's wife turns out to be Brooke's baddie-buddy from high school...who would've thunk it? I knew that new actress-chick was acting when she came back from the restroom completely opposite from what she had been before she went in. I was hoping Brooke would read her and not fall for the okey-doke, but alas, I think this girl is here to cause problems, so here we go... I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode and the new season, in general...I think this is going to be a juicy one.

Best OTH episode ever? The Battle to the Finish, Round 1

Summing up the best episodes on a show with 6 seasons is no mean feat. But we're willing to try it out. Vote for your favorite episodes ever, we'll compile the top 5 and have a vote-out. Mine is: The shoot-out, season 3... How about you?

Happy Parents' Day: Vote for TV's Ultimate Worst Parents! - Featured

The results are in! See who won SideReel's Ultimate Worst TV Parent Award: Happy Parents' Day: And TV's Ultimate Worst Parent Is... In honor of Sunday's Parents' Day and a great, but non-winning category from the SideReel Flunkies , we asked you and your fellow Reelers who you thought qualified as the worst parents on TV! Below is the list of the Top 10 most nominated parents . Check out who made the list, then vote for who you think is the worst parent or worst set of parents to win the crown for SideReel's Worst TV Parent(s)! Weeds - Nancy Botwin Heroes - Arthur & Angela Petrelli Grey's Anatomy - Ellis Grey Lost - Anthony Cooper (Locke's dad) One Tree Hill - Dan Scott How I Met Your Mother - Ted Mosby Gossip Girl - Bart Bass Family Guy - Peter Griffin The Simpsons - Homer Simpson Arrested Development - George Sr. & Lucille Bluth Voting will close Friday afternoon (8/31) and the ultimate worst parents will be announced! Check back on this post for the winner.

With Lucas gone, who will be the new narrator? Vote!

This has been intriguing me for quite a while. One of my favorite parts of the show used to be Lucas quoting famous writers and generally leaving me gaping at the extent of his literary eloquence. But now that he's gone *runs, sobs, returns*, who do you think should be the next narrator?

Father's Day Duke-out: Nominate your Favorite TV Dads! - Featured

As we celebrate our own dads, granddads, and father-figures this weekend for Father's Day, it's only right to give our favorite TV dads some appreciation too! Afterall, they've taught us many a lesson our dads were trying to teach while we were too engrossed in the TV to hear, and have kept us laughing, smiling, and shedding a few tears over the years. So, we want your nominations for your favorite TV dads, then we'll have a friendly Father's Day duke-out where the dads nominated will then have to compete for your votes as the top favorite TV dad on SideReel! Comment below telling us your favorite TV dads, and feel free to list as many as you want, plus list someone already noted by another Reeler. Nominations will be accepted Wednesday (6/17) through Friday morning (6/19), then we'll begin the duke-out voting round for SideReel's favorite dad that will run Friday through Sunday. Go forth and nominate!


5. Lucas' pondering - where would we be without it? 4. Peyton and Lucas - i would go into depth but theres just too much of it 3. Nathan - LEGEND 2. All the dead people - miss them all! 1. Kate Voegele - what a talent!


5. Why does Lucas ponder over EVERYTHING- is he doing a Jessica Simpson and forgetting all his lines? 4. Peyton and Lucas... I would go in depth if the story had any depth! 3. Nathan- I like his acting but come on the guy gets EVERYTHING-why doesn't he ask for a quieter son? 2. All the dead people are such a DRAG.. they died its over. finish. get on..... no don't zoom into the grave...no don't make them part of a weird dream...!!! 1. Kate V.... Okay you can sing- we get it!!! *The show had a good start but lately Brooke, Sam and the hot guy she ends up with are the only ones holding the story... THANK GOD FOR THE END. AMEN

VOTE: Peyton Curly, Straight, or Wavy Hair?

Which hairstyle of Peyton's do you prefer? CLICK HERE TO VOTE!