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When is one tree hill gunna be on again??? i hate being left hanging

Fav Siblings: Who's the Best Rivalry of Them All? - Featured

Prison Break returns for its final season Friday, so thinking of those rough and tumble Prison Break brothers reminds us of plenty more of our favorite TV siblings from those with the best friendships to those with the worst rivalries. Some of these rivalries are knee-slapping hilarious, and some are as serious as a battle for saving the world! Here are our fav sibling rivalries, so of these and any we left out, who's the best sibling rivalry? Heroes - Peter & Nathan Arrested Development - Michael, Gob, Lindsay Friends - Ross & Monica One Tree Hill - Lucas & Nathan It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Dee & Dennis The Simpsons - Bart & Lisa Family Guy - Meg & Chris Grey's Anatomy - Meredith & Lexie Dirty Sexy Money - Patrick, Karen, Brian, Jeremy Brotherhood - Michael & Tommy That 70's Show - Eric & Laurie Everybody Loves Raymond - Raymond & Robert

departure of hilarie burton aka peyton sawyer???

i found yesterday a video of hilarie telling us, fans of OTH, that she will NOT return for the next season OMFG!!! can OTH continue to be as great without peyton? what will happen to the baby and lucas? cant wait to see if that video was a joke go see the video on youtube my friends

OMG Peyton and Dan

I have just been thinking and does any 1 else think they are gona kill off peyton and give her heart to Dan, it seems like the only chance Dan is got of staying alive

OTH Caption Game #4!!

Here's a picture... Now make up a funny conversation between them! Enter this week's OTH caption game and show off how funny you can be!

Promo for 6x20

Just a random thought... Did anyone else find the tiny snippet of Nathan and Haley making out EXTREMELY HOT? FINALLY we're getting some of that Naley love action we all know and love :) Unfortunately, as of late, One Tree Hill hasn't been doing it for me..looking back on previous seasons, it was so much better when they were in high school..

OTH love it or hate it?

I've read everywhere that people are hating the new OTH's. Personally not a huge fan of season 5. But im loving season 6 atm. Apart from the whole Peyton dieing thing. Even the most hating Peyton haters have to admit, you really cant have a show without her. She and Lucas ARE one tree hill. Along with brooke haley nathan etc etc.. At the moment I'm hating.. Lucas squint, eyebrow frown thing, UGHHH if he does it one more time!! and Skills and Deb breaking up. That whole story line was hilareous! I really hope Deb gets knocked up! I'm loving.. Julian, his grin makes my heart melt. Tell us you loving/hating parts of the show?? P.S im new at this, don't hate me for caring about Peyton. And my spelling/grammer is horrible, i know.

Discuss: When Did These Favs Jump the Shark? - Featured

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, "Jumped the Shark," it's a colloquialism used to "denote that point in a TV show or movie series' history where the plot veers off into absurd story lines or out-of-the-ordinary characterizations, particularly for a show with falling ratings apparently becoming more desperate to draw viewers in." ( Wikipedia ) Some shows that are considered to have "jumped the shark," are listed below, not including those already listed and getting some great discussions going on our list of top 10 shows that have jumped the shark: Top 10 Shows that "Jumped the Shark," Part 1 Top 10 Shows that "Jumped the Shark," Part 2 So when, if at all, do you think the following shows jumped the shark? At what particular point or with what completely ridiculous plotline did these shows take the leap into absurdity? Happy Days That 70's Show The X-Files South Park The Simpsons Alias Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel One Tree Hill 24 Desperate Housewives Friday Night Lights Ghost Whisperer

Bring Back The Beek!!!

Was I the only one that enjoyed the tremendous guest appearance by James van der Beek? Because there we had a GOOD character, enacted pretty well by James and Lucas (or was it Julian?) said it best...the man's got style!!! Frankly I was getting tired of the weepy, sad characters on Tree Hill, as much as I used to love them and he brought in some freshness. I hope they tap into the potential there and bring him back!!!

The Most Annoying Character Ever!

Here we go :D Who annoys YOU? :) Which character makes you tremble with anger? These are my picks - the people that annoy me :), feel free to post someone I did not so I can add them! Annie from 90210 Tom Zarek from Battlestar Galactica Howard from The Big Bang Theory Lester from Chuck Roman from Big Love Debra from Dexter Mohinder from Heroes Peyton from One Tree Hill Vanessa from Gossip Girl Cook from Skins Dawn from Buffy The Vampire Slayer Riley from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles