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'One Tree Hill' Recap: Dan and Haley Team Up and Kick Butt

This week's One Tree Hill is a surreal mix of great triumph, intense sadness and supreme creepiness. But the only thing I really care about is how unbelievably awesome Dan and Haley are as a pair. No two people care more about getting Nathan back than these two, and to see them join forces makes me giddy. //

One Tree Hill “Every Breath Is a Bomb” Review

With only four episodes of  One Tree Hill  left, Nathan still hasn’t been found, either dead or alive, but in "Every Breath Is a Bomb," Haley finally did something about it and joined forces with her father-in-law tobreak  the low-level drug dealer working for the man who  took her husband. Desperate times call for desperate measures. For Haley, that meant donning a pair of stiletto boots and a mini-skirt, and luring a man  out of a bar so that Dan could attack him and drag him back to Julian’s soundstage for a torture session. Girl’s come a long way, but will this change her forever? If Nathan makes it home, will he be returning to the same woman he fell in love with? I don’t think there will be enough time to fully explore that idea, but it’s an interesting "what if?" scenario. Read More... //  

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Clay's Big Secret Revealed

Wow. Last week I guessed that Clay's big secret on One Tree Hill was that he's behind Nathan's kidnapping, and while that might still be true, we learned an even bigger and more shocking truth. Clay is a father. //

One Tree Hill Review: Planes, Maimed, and What She Must Feel

" A Rush of Blood to the Head ," while not perfect, and certainly not at the pace seemingly necessary with only five episodes remaining in the series, was filled with a number of epic moments that pushed One Tree Hill forward on a number of levels as we head down the home stretch. Clay's revelation, Chase's decision, and everything that happened with Haley were some of the most entertaining and emotional moments of the season so far.  These characters took some big steps - either backward or forward - and they really have me looking forward to the final five episodes. Read More... //

One Tree Hill “A Rush of Blood to the Head” Review

A lot went down in "A Rush of Blood to the Head," this week’s episode of  One Tree Hill , but the mostimportant  thing we learned is that it was not Nathan’s body in the morgue, and Haley’s reaction was simply overwhelming relief that her husband  is still  missing , rather than dead. Nothing was actually seen of Nathan this week, not a good sign, but Dan made some progress and, surprise, surprise, it involved beating someone up in order to earn  himself a favor with a Russian mob contact from his jail days. Dan never takes the high road if he can help it, but this might just be the one time when his shadiness serves the  community  well. Read More... //  

One Tree Hill Review: Was Lucas Scott Here?

I imagine creator Mark Schwahn's pitch to Chad Michael Murray, attempting to get him to come back to One Tree Hill for " Last Known Surroundings ," sounded something like this... "Hey Chad, we have this episode about halfway through our final season in which absolutely nothing happens.  We would love to get Lucas to come back so that the audience won't be completely bored out of their mind.  Let me know what you think!" Read More... //

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Lucas Returns and Things Get Worse

Chad Michael Murray is back on One Tree Hill ! At least for one night. And while the sight of Lucas Scott should make things better, this week things for our favorite Tree Hillers go from bad to really, really, really bad. //

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Nathan's Disappearance Solved?

I was happy to see lots going on on this week's One Tree Hill even if the pace of this episode wasn't as fast as I would have liked. It was great to finally start to find out what in Sam Hill, or Tree Hill, happened to Nathan. At least we now know Nathan was kidnapped by sports dealers who thought he was stepping on their toes signing their player. Too bad Haley and Nathan's peeps are still clueless. //

One Tree Hill “Last Known Surroundings” Review

For all of the hype that surrounded the return of Chad Michael Murray in "Last Known Surroundings," this week’s episode of  One Tree Hill , I was expecting quite a bit more. Reunions with Brooke and Julian and even Dan…none of these took place. In fact, all Lucas did was fly into Tree Hill to pick up Jamie and Lydia in order to take them back with him while the search  for Nathan drags on. He never even left the airport . Still, I suppose we should be glad we saw him at all, and who knows…if it’s really Nathan underneath the morgue sheet we might be seeing him again real soon. It’s not looking good for Nate; even though he managed to break away from his captors, his escape plan was thwarted by the same dirty cop who had professed to Haley that he was working the case off the clock. Are there no honest, underpaid, yet overworked desk detectives anymore?? Read More... //  

One Tree Hill Review: Road To Redemption

Dan Scott's road to redemption may have started a while ago, but it became much more obvious during " Catastrophe and the Cure " that it may indeed be the main overarching theme to One Tree Hill. Sometimes it's thought provoking to take a step back and look at an entire series, figuring out what it really was all about.  The events that occur - whether it be pointlessly written story lines, or actors leaving the show - can change the path of the show, but at the end of the day a story was told. Read More... //