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One Tree Hill: Bringin' on The Funny - 7.8 Review - Featured

OTH decided to keep it light this week after last week's moving and dramatic episode. Clay hung with the coolest ghost ever; the guys went camping, equipped with Julian's high-priced gear and never-ending movie quotes, and with the always-annoying Chuck in tow; the girls had a chocolate high and a spooky night; and Dan got spooked all epi by a mystery man with a bleeding heart. It was a Halloween epi of Scooby-Doo proportions and I found myself laughing at some of the crazy hijinks. Here are some lines and scenes that made me chuckle: Skills : Man when I said "guys weekend", I pictured us by the pool, at the Bellagio, room & drinks comped all 'cause we were rolling with Nate Scott...yeah, but the d*mn woods? With hungry animals and dudes with hockey masks? Mouth : C'mon man...camping is a great way to forget your life...no TV, no internet, no cell phones-- Skills : No way to call for help... Nathan : (Apathetically) Hey, look everyone...it's Julian Chuck : Who the h*ll is Julian? Jamie : Uncle Skills, we pitched our tent Skills : Ah, way to go guys. Alright, here's your merit badges Mouth : What's that all about? Skills : I got these at the army surplus store...we got merit badges all weekend. Check this out: Hey, who wants to get their "go get me a beer" badge? Jamie & Chuck : I do! Mouth : Nice... Skills : So how you doin' Chuck? Chuck : My mom says you can't marry Miss Lauren because you don't make enough money. Skills : Fine. Guess who just lost their "keep their d*mn mouth shut" badge? Julian (beating two rocks together) : We did this in a movie I just produced...we just need one spark... Nathan (after putting lighter fluid on the wood and lighting it with a match) : Alright Spielberg, why don't you produce us some marshmallows? Julian : You wanna hear something really scary? Chuck : Bring it Julia ... Nathan : Not cool man... Julian : Lighten up Francis...everybody loves a good "Brokeback Mountain" joke Nathan (looking at Julian's sleeping bag) : Not when you're over there sleeping in your "lambskin condom" (After Nathan & Julian's bonding session) Julian : That was my first ever fist bump Nathan : Don't over think it Other Thoughts: I wish they had left out the Clay/Quinn scenes this week b/c...well, in the spirit of keeping it light, I won't rehash my thoughts on Quinn this week... I caught Julian's "Breakfast Club" movie reference (I like that movie)... Oh, I thought it was cool that Julian tipped Mouth & Skills off to new career possibilities and Dan is coming back to Tree Hill... What did you like about this epi? You think Nathan & his dad will be able to make amends during their reunion next week?