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Webseries for the Band!

Has anyone been watching the webseries on ABC Family? It's called Meet Me in California. I've been able to catch a preview of quite a few of the songs from the new album. Sounds awesome so far! They just recently did a webisode about filming the video for "Natural Disaster" and it has Frannie from Greek in it!

Episode 4

Anyone else catch this one? It was incredibly hilarious how it opens up with the guys being drunk and just trashing the house. I haven't seen that behavior since college! Had me laughing: Episode 4

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Enter to win the Plain White T's "Natural Disaster" signed CD single! Calling all Plain White T's fans! If you've been following the Plain White T's ABC Family web series, Plain White T's: Meet Me in California , then you've probably heard their latest single, Natural Disaster - so now you can own it as a signed CD! To enter, comment on this post telling us what you're enjoying about Plain White T's: Meet Me in California so far! The winner will be selected and notified on Thursday, September 4th. Sorry, but U.S. and Canada entrants only can be selected as the winner. If you haven't gotten to check out "Natural Disaster" or Plain White T's: Meet Me in California webisodes yet, check them out now: ABC Family Exclusive: PWT's New "Natural Disaster" Plain White T's: Meet Me in California Webisodes on ABCFamily.com Giveaway and photo courtesy of New Media Strategies

Online Show Featuring the Plain White T's

I was kind of obsessed with "Hey There Delilah" (my best friend was actually proposed to with that song. Can you believe that!?) But I was most obsessed with Dave Tirio who is totally hot (and a guitar player...sigh.) Anyway, they are filming the recording of their new album and it's airing as short webisodes on ABC Family's website. The first episode is up (and linked to here) if any fans want to check it out! The series is Meet Me In California (just so no one is confused!): Meet Me in California