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Life Flame and Giant Fish Dude

I love this manga and i think they did well with the anime but kind of ruined the vampiric feel of the blood thing, in the manga royal resurrect the dead with royal blood, not a stupid looking flame. and also, what was the point of the giant fish dude falling in love with Riza? seriously it makes no sense and kind of disturbing, but other than that stuff im impressed with - wait aaaaand(im sorry im complaining so much) in the manga the blood warrior's bodies change when their master is in danger, this Hiro, his hair turns white and his eyes go all red and slitted. but other than THAT im impressed with the anime.

Missing Episodes

When episodes were missing on this page I was able to find them using "Monster Princess" on dailymotion.com

Names of this anime

For those hoping to watch this anime online, you will need to know the three names it is often found under. Japanese Name: Kaibutsu Oujo Monster Princess Princess Resurrection (what this site has it listed as) one or perhaps both of these two above names is the accepted english name for the anime. I first came across it as "Monster Princess" but of late have had far more luck finding it as the later. The reasons it may be important to note all three of these names are: 1.) In the above list you will see it called all three of these if you pay attention, so hopefully this will clear up any confusion. 2.) Rarely will someone list all three of these names. There seems to be some loyality to one name or another from person to person. 3.) Perhaps I am unlucky, but I have had quite a time finding this series in completion. Knowing all three names may help you close the gap between a few episodes as they break or are removed.