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The Coolest Character Ever!

Vote! Who for you is the coolest character ever? Who is the person that makes you think 'wow he's/she's cooool'. The characters that simply look/do things the cool way. Which one is it? Someone I didn't mention? Write who! "Nominees:" Hank from Californication Chuck from Gossip Girl Cappie from Greek Sylar from Heroes House from House Mickey from Hustle Elliot from Leverage Patrick from The Mentalist Sawyer from Lost Jack from Lost Sam & Dean from Supernatural Michael & Lincoln from Prison Break ````Bill Compton from True Blood Dr. Cox from Scrubs Jack from 24 Dexter from Dexter Barney from How I Met Your Mother Sydney from Alias There is probably loads more I didn't mention, vote on!

Difference between finishing and being cancelled!!! Let it go in peace!!!!!!!

Prison Break is not being cancelled, it's simply reaching it's conclusion, finishing the story. Do you really want it to go on and on? Eventually there will be no Michael and Linc but new characters and a slippery slope. This is what will make it a classic show and memorable. If it dragged on it would be a soap opera and not the great story that it is, similar to a book, you don't want to read a 100,000 page book. The prime example is Lost, originally written for a few seasons then dragged out until it has become boring, makes no sense and is now just nasty bad!!! Great things don't last forever, unfortunately. Please don't try and save it as ultimately this will only lead to a mediocre pile of nonsense, let it live in our memories as the fine tv series that it is. Hail Hail

im kind of glad PB is ending how about you?

Well the first 2 seasons fit the show but it just got ridiculous after that. Don't get me wrong it's a very good show I never missed an episode, but after the 2nd season they just completely went off task from what the show was supposed to be about. Going from escaping 2 prisons to running away from a company that tried to kill them now working for the company come on now. Who agrees?

the end of prison break

i was rwading my newspaper in holland and there stood: Prison Break Last Season has Started! i was so shocked, this season rocked and i can't imagine there is no fifth season does anyone know when the new episodes starts?

is it me

or has prison break lost its mojo ?

b4 fame

any1 wonder how micheal schofeild would look with hair? lol. check out underworld(2003), the scene with micheal corvin and the other medical student in the locker room. i personally think he looks cute, i do quite like them dark haired.

Episode 17?

Hello, I've been looking all over the web but am not able to figure out ANY information about the next episode. Please comment here when you find out as the series seems to be getting more intense.

hi everyone

i want to see the sneak peeks for the next episode. any ideas?


OK so from the episode 'GOING UNDER' we finally get a hint of what tombstone 2 is all about and from that im guessin that the real buyer is Micheal and Lincs mother. Remember when micheal was 1st diagnosed the docs said that what he had was very rare, and as we know already lincoln revealed that thier mom had the same condition. I realised the connection when sara asked the general whether any1 had survived the brain surgery that micheal was having to which he replied that the person lived a very long life. my suspicions were further more confirmed when lincoln revealed that their mum worked for the company. So it's pretty safe to say that the few remainig parts of the season will be concentrated around the bros mom and what her agenda is and retaining scylla. i'm guessin that shes probably gettin revenge for what the company did to her husband/ family etc. who knows but what a shock it will be when they findout shes alive. btw. the look on micheals face when he woke up after flatlining was hilarious...i love wentworth miller the 3rd (lol i love his name) but that was some shiteous unemotinal acting..looool loved the scenes with micheal and westmoreland..nice to see that the writers exploring micheals intelligence again.

whats happenend

hey just wonderin what has happenend all the links to the show theres only a few up and i cant watch them because i am not in usa.is there any other gd sites to watch shows on please tell me and thanks