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Fox Wants More Prison Break and 24, But Is Done with The X-Files for Now

In recent years, Fox has brought back several of its biggest properties, including a 24 spin-off and revivals of The X-Files and Prison Break . As of now, none of the three properties are on deck for Fox's 2018-2019 season, but the network isn't closing the door completely on any of them. In fact, new   ...Read More...

Prison Break Star Robert Knepper Sued For Defamation

A costume designer who accused Robert Knepper of sexual assault is now suing the actor for defamation for claiming she lied when she accused him of misconduct. Susan Bertram alleged that Knepper assaulted her in 1991 during the filming of Gas Food Lodging. She said she had gone to the actors trailer to drop off costumes when he reached under her dress and grabbed her crotch, ripping into her thighs. He pinned her against the wall and said, Im going to fuck your brains   ...Read More...

A New Prison Break Is in Development

Prison Break is plotting a new breakout. "We are developing a new iteration of Prison Break ," Fox Entertainment chief Michael Thorn confirmed during Fox's executive session at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. "It's in very early stages of development, but we're really excited   ...Read More...

Looks Like Another Season of “Prison Break” Is in the Works

Nobody’s confirming anything thus far but it would appear that there is another season of Prison Break in the works. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on which way a person leans in the opinion polls. Personally I’m not certain how a long-running show about a prison break could possibly take this long though with an entire creative team behind the production it’s gone on long enough to satisfy fans. Dominic Purcell, who’s all in to come back for another season, seems to think that things are being worked on as of this moment and he could be right. If there’s a drop of interest to be squeezed out of anything that fans love then the creators are going to do it. Unfortunately that’s not always a good thing. READ MORE...

Prison Break Update: Dominic Purcell Says Season 6 Is 'In the Works'

Prison Break is plotting its re-return. Six months after its most recent nine-episode revival ended, star Dominic Purcell is teasing that asecond revival (aka Season 6) is in the early stages of development. The actor posted the series logo on Instagram and added the not-so-cryptic caption: #PrisonBreak 6. In the works. It should be noted []

Four More Women Have Accused Prison Break Actor Robert Knepper of Sexual Assault

All four women say Knepper cornered them alone, and in one case he attempted rape.   ...Read More...

Prison Break Star Robert Knepper Accused of Sexual Assault

A veteran Hollywood costume designer is accusing Prison Break star Robert Knepper of sexual assaulting her during filming for 1992s Gas Food Lodging. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , Susan Bertram said she was 31 when she was assaulted by the actor in 1991. She said that after a day of shooting near Deming, New Mexico, Bertram went to Kneppers trailer to drop off some clothes. When she leaned over to reach a rack on a far wall, she said Knepper jumped up, reached under her dress and grabbed her crotch as hard as he could.   ...Read More...

'Prison Break' Creator Discusses Bloody Finale, Potential Season 6

Paul Scheuring tells THR that he's open to another season, "but only if we can find a story that's going to knock your socks off." ...Read More... //

'Prison Break' Creator Is Open to Season 6 Under One Condition, Talks About 'Ambiguous' Ending

'There's a zero percent chance of the show coming back if we don't have a top-notch story,' says Paul T. Scheuring of the possibility of making another installment of the drama series. ...Read More... //

Prison Break Exclusive: Michael's Cool Tattoo Trick Will Blow Your Mind

  As Prison Break rambles towards its Season 5 finale, the big showdown between Jacob ( Mark Feuerstein ) and Michael ( Wentworth Miller ) nears. And if last week looked like things were going Jacob's way, they seemed turn around this week. Yeah, Team Michael! First, the good news is that the clip shows  ...Read More... //