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finale episode enquiry

after watching the finale episode i began reading the short episode summary put with each episode, for the final episode it read "Elsewhere, Megan and Lily gently confront their father about his drinking" From what i saw Megan and Lily never confronted their dad or am i missing something?


How can they cancel this show?! it was so good! and they season finale was amazing. i hate that now the "to be continued.." wont be continued! i really wanted to see what was going to happen. they messed up by cancelling this.

The Future of Televison

I don't usually do anything on this site except find the show I want to watch and watch it, but I had to start a discussion about my disappointment with modern time television. I don't know about the rest of t.v. land, but my hopes grow dim for the future of television. I have seen one show after the other go down in a blazing cloud of smoke this season, and I am growing increasingly frustrated because it seems as if they are replacing great television with mediocre. It seems to me as if no one has an original idea, and they are constantly being rewarded for it. Now, I just saw yesterday that Privileged has also been cancelled. I would like to pull my hair out, but I have grown quite attached to it, so I decided to write out my frustration here. How are you all feeling about modern television, and the future of television? I am interested to hear your thoughts.

UPDATED Cancellation Buzz: What's Renewed, Canceled & TBD for Freshman Shows? - Featured

As usual, we got a batch of new shows from the major networks this fall. Some have already bitten the dust, some have become huge successes, and some have their fates hanging in the balance! Excluding midseason newbies since we'll have to wait longer for their fates, here's the current rundown on this season's fall freshman shows. Do you think the renewals and cancellations so far have been good choices? Of the shows left to be determined, what are you hoping will get a season 2 pick-up? To Be Determined Stylista Renewed Dollhouse 90210 True Blood Fringe Gary Unmarried The Mentalist Canceled My Own Worst Enemy Opportunity Knocks Do Not Disturb Life on Mars The Ex List Easy Money Crusoe Privileged Kath and Kim Eleventh Hour Knight Rider (2008) Valentine Worst Week Related Stories: CW Renews 6! True Blood Lust: Who's Fanging Who in Season 2? True Blood: Get a First Look at Season Two! Cancellation Buzz: NBC's Heroes Will Fly Again, but Knight Rider Is Out of Gas Cancellation Buzz: ABC Officially Cancels Life On Mars Cancellation News: Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy CBS pulls the Ex-List We Have a Winner: The Disturbance Has Ended

All the good shows canceled or being canceled!!

So many great TV shows are being canceled! Here are the shows, old and new: Canceled: 1. Prison Break 2. Dirty Sexy Money 3. The Ex List 4. Do Not Disturb 5. Kyle XY 6. Starter Wife Unofficially Canceled: 1. Easy Money 2. Valentine 3. Knight Rider On The Edge of Cancellation: 1. Kath and Kim 2. Privileged Entering The Zone: 1. Chuck Cancellation Rumors: 1. Heroes 2. Dollhouse Canceled Favorites: 1. Friends 2. Veronica Mars 3. Alias 4. Gilmore Girls 5. The OC 6. Buffy 7. Angel 8. Beverly Hills 90210 IF YOU LIKE ANY OF THESE SHOWS (except the canceled favorites)...SIGN THE PETITIONS DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN, WE CAN NOT REST TILL THESE SHOWS ARE SAVED! (or at least some of them)


everyone this show is so good it's like gossips girl and such but there is less over the top you would never believe dramases it is more down to earth and is just as entertaining if not more

Privileged's Will and Gilmore Girls's Logan: A Theory

The theory is this: Viewers of both shows who like the character of Will on Privileged (Megan's hunky but perhaps a little spoiled neighbor) were probably also fans of Logan on Gilmore Girls . So far we are proving this theory correct: She likes both Will and Logan, and I don't care very much for either of them! Where do you fall? Did you like Logan during the Gilmore Girls days? Do you care for the handsome Will, despite his occasional whining? Privileged has, in some ways, filled the hole that was left when Gilmore Girls ended - I just find it so refreshing to see a TV show about teens and an early 20-something girl that isn't, well, trashy. Tonight's season finale is titled "All About a Brand New You!" and features Kathy Griffin as the wedding planner for Marco and Keith's wedding. There's a ton of other drama, including (but not limited to) issues with Megan's dad, a Spring break-related tiff between Rose and Sage, and Luis's refusal to attend a gay wedding. Source here

New episode?

Didn't this show just go on a break? Where is this weeks episode? Shouldn't there be one?


is there any more episodes?, or is this show to taking a break!

Charlie on The O.C.

Does anyone remember Summer's boyfriend after Seth went away for the summer?? He sounds exactly like Charlie from Privileged!