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Is There Enough Talent?

After watching the most recent episode, I feel like the top 5 designers aren't talented enough for Fashion Week. Althea and Irina are ok, but Carol-Hannah, Jordana and Christopher seem to be slacking lately. I think this is the most untalented season of Project Runway yet. I hope Season 7 is much better.

Project Runway

The premiere is to start August 20th at 10pm Eastern/Pacific. It is announced that it will run on Lifetime. Because you have the page locked I am not able to add these details and thought you might like to know. ;)

Project Runway: Do You Agree with the Judges?

Project Runway finished up its 5th season last evening on Bravo (and, with the show's current legal troubles ), we might not be seeing it again for awhile. So...Spoilers Included Do we agree with the judges' selection for a winner? Which designer was your favorite? Check out the collections: Kenley's Collection Korto's Collection Leanne's Collection (the winner) My personal reaction...I was kind of torn. I liked (but didn't love) everybody's collections (yes, including Kenley's; I don't know high fashion so they weren't knock-offs to me) and probably would have been happy with multiple outcomes. I wasn't surprised that Leanne won though; she has been incredibly consistent throughout the entire competition...and the judges always love collections that cover the gamut in style (Leanne had dresses, skirts, pants, vests, etc.). It was a little pleat-tastic, but I think it was unique and distinctly Leanne, which is something hard to achieve (though you could arguably say the same for Korto's collection). Share your reactions in comments.

Project Runway Finale.

It was full of good idears.

High fashion on the high seas?

I love how Tim Gunn was able to pretty much stop Kenley in her tracks with the apparently confusing notion that ropes around necks may remind some people of hangings... Oh, but her father was a tug boat captain! A rope around one's neck is just high fashion on the high seas. *SNARK*